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  1. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thanks, Juditta. It's such a relief to hear that you didn't have any problems. Hopefully we don't either! We'd also be renting an unfurnished property and ours are all sensible adults that (you're right) do mostly sleep. Is this typical, do you think? Has anyone had a similar (or different!) experience?
  2. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thanks, Juditta. I'm so glad to hear your two have settled in so well. Can I ask, how difficult did you find it to find a rental that would allow pets, and what did you offer in the way of incentives or extra info (pet bond, extra rent, pet CV, etc.)? Did the cats limit your options? I'm still so concerned about this. We feel strongly that the cats are our responsibility and really don't want to have to leave them (like you, we'd miss them so much). I am terrified, though, of not being able to find any place to live with our lot, never mind one in a nice suburb in a good school zone!
  3. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    I meant until the 2 years on the 186 is done (hence 'what if we need to tough it out'). But actually the answer is no, not legally! You have to have a genuine intention to work for the employer for two years when you apply for the visa, and saying you do when you don't isn't allowed. If the department is satisfied that you did have a genuine intention, but the work relationship breaks down through the normal course of things within two years (I think they'd probably need quite substantial evidence that you tried everything you could to make it work out, but we have no need to look into it), or, say, the company goes through financial difficulties and can't keep paying your salary for the two years, neither party is obliged to keep on, and they won't revoke the visa. We hope everything works out, of course, and that he'll want to work for them for a lot longer than two years. I'm just one of those people who have to plan every detail and know every contingency before moving us all the way across the world, so I asked "what if something goes wrong?"
  4. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thank you both, ali and rammygirl. We do need one. I called it a licence in my original post, but maybe 'permit' is the proper Ozzie word for it? I'll need to learn all the lingo!
  5. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Hope not! But he had a long interview process and has gone over and spent some time with the rest of the team. That they liked one another so much was a big reason why he got the job, apart from his profile (they've tried to fill the role for 3 years but have rejected both local and overseas candidates for not being the right person for the job). We did discuss what happens if it doesn't work out and decided that, whatever comes, we'd tough it out until the 186. If we really can't, there's unfortunately not enough here for us that we would want to come all the way back anyway (neither of us have any family around any more). Plan B would then be going to New Zealand where my sister and her family are.
  6. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thank you, Marisawright. We're aware. According to our lawyer, that's not a concern in this case because his nomination is eligible for Direct Entry with a skills assessment exemption (skills assessment being the hurdle that most applications fall flat on if they're going to, apparently) and we also don't need to wait for three years before applying, as most people need to. The 482 here is the 'extra' visa for the employer to make sure that they get the January start date they want, in case the 186 takes longer than the 2-6 months it should (very different from the usual case and official processing times, I know. Guess it helps to have an employer with special approval).
  7. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Cal, how much further out would we need to go? My husband will be working in the city (I haven't secured a job yet), but he's prepared to commute by public transport or car if necessary. We're used to being in suburbia - it works well for a young kid anyway. Would we find something in one of the northern suburbs, say, or would we be talking about leaving the city entirely, realistically?
  8. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thanks. I'd forgotten about the pet bond thing. Will definitely include an offer, thank you. How much "really help"ing will it do, do you think? Impossible to really difficult, or do you actually think we have a chance? And yes, I've looked at some catios, but I hadn't thought of them as a residence, just as a place they can wander out if they'd like and still be secured. Do people really use them to keep cats out permanently? I'd love to put in the Oscillot system for the fence when we have our own place.
  9. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thank you. The problem with indoor cats is that they haven't been to the neighbours! And yes, I considered the pros and cons of having "too many cats" in our current living situation when the younger two were 'rescued' and decided it would be okay, but moving them all to Australia is a whole other ballgame! Contacting agents in advance is a good idea too, thanks.
  10. Siamozzer

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Thank you for your experience and the warning. I've also heard horror stories about taking rentals unseen (pictures photoshopped within an inch of their lives or the same ones used from when it was last rented a decade ago with no maintenance inbetween etc.! ). My husband's relocation package has some assistance in it - if we have any money left after the migration lawyer, that is - so we're thinking maybe we can use them to help inspect and secure something half decent before we go, but I still think our chances are slim.
  11. Hi everyone, I know some will think we're mad for even having four cats in the first place, never mind trying to cart them all the way to Brisbane (it's a long story, two were planned, two weren't), but that's another topic! We had a move to Sydney planned in 2011 (three cats and one kid ago), but life happened and it fell through. (Kate - Pom Queen was a massive help. Thanks again! ) We've become home owners here in the meantime, so it never occurred to me that we'd go back into a rental and pets would be a problem, but now we're suddenly headed to Brisbane (482 with 186 in progress). I know that some states have made it illegal for landlords to turn down pet owners, but that QLD isn't one of them and 90% of home owners say no to pets. I've seen property adverts saying 'pets allowed (or considered)', but also heard that that usually means one small outside dog. Do you think we have any chance of finding a rental? I'm worried we won't find anything, never mind something in a decent catchment zone for our little one to start school in a year. I mean, I know and love my pedigreed, indoor-only cats, would be happy to provide pictures of our home to show that they're not destructive and don't spray, provide references to show that they're insured, see the vet regularly, are well-socialised, are litter-robot trained so the house never smells like cats, etc. But even I would think twice about a tenant in my house who said they had four cats! I'm well-versed in the requirements to get them there, and have caught with the quarantine changes etc. since 2011 too. They've all passed their rabies titre tests, and our 'old boy' passed a blood panel with flying colours and is "in excellent health to fly", says our vet. I know we'd need a licence to have four cats in Brisbane. They're used to being mainly indoors with sometime access to an enclosed garden, and happily spend all day in the conservatory when it goes up to 35 degrees, so the Ozzie lifestyle won't phase them, I'm sure. The admin is sorted, but I'm still in two minds. The financial implications of taking them are massive, of course, and basically guarantee that we'll have to rent to save again for a house deposit despite selling here. But I can't appease my conscience! I feel like they're our responsibility and rehoming them isn't an easy option - I'd never stop worrying about if they were being well-cared for. They would have to go to people we don't know (I'd vet them, of course, but you never know). Although they're all pedigreed Oriental cats, none of them are kittens (theyre 10, 8, and 2x5 years old), which makes it less likely someone else will want them. Also, they're a very social breed, so are attached to one another as well as to us. I'll be lucky to even find a home where two can go together. It'll be hard for them, as well as us, if we rehome them. But if their presence will stop us from even finding a place to live, maybe we have to leave them? I'd be so grateful if anyone has some advice from experience of actually living in Australia, especially QLD, or just any advice or opinons, really.