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  1. I’ve been told my account will close at the end of November. I’ve already moved completely to Wise, so my pensions now get paid straight into my Wise account using the sort code and account number provided. All working fine. I also used Wise to convert the proceeds of a house sale to AUD. The sale proceeds were initially paid into my Barclays account and I then converted to AUD and transferred to my Ozzie account in 10k pound packets over the last 6 months. It’s all worked fine and my Barclays account is now empty.
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    Transfer money from UK

    Never had any problem with Wise and have just transferred 300k pounds from a house sale over the last 5 months in 10k lots to try to average out the exchange rate. Sounds like protectionism from Virgin to make money out of transfers. If it were me I would immediately close the Virgin account and open one elsewhere but appreciate this is difficult older people.