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  1. Thank you Raul! Yes, I was a non-migrating dependent in all my partner's application till date. Thus, I believe there is no other option then applying for 820 partner visa. Highly appreciate you and the others who have assisted me here. Thank you for your time and advise. Have a good day.
  2. I was always declared as their partner in all my application. But was not a dependent and did not apply as a 189 dependent as I had my own skill points then. However, now realise that if my partner becomes a PR I will be losing 5 points now. Thus will go back to 75 points from 80. Being an accountant, the waiting list is never ending. Thus, was asking for any concrete suggestions or reply from experts or people with experience who can help me out. Thank you in advance again
  3. Hi @Marisawright and @rammygirl, The problem is as already written on my subject line and the body of the email is - MY PARTNER'S PR APPLICATION HAS ALREADY BEEN GRANTED IN JULY 2019. Sorry, you might have missed out on it. The issue is now I might have to apply for a separate partner visa which is expensive and time consuming as processing time is 22 months. Hope you understand. Thanks.
  4. Hi @Marisawright No we have declared our relationship even before applying for a PR application. My partner also has included my name as a defacto partner in their 189 application. Thank you for your advise. Regards MRjuly
  5. Hi all, I understand that I took a wrong decision in not being included. Thus, would like to get guidance about how to go ahead now. What's gone is past please assist me in how can I now get included in 189 dependent after my partner's visa is granted? Thanks for your assistance in advance. Regards MRJULY
  6. Yes, I understand and am aware of that. But, I am an independent girl and wanted to attain a PR on my own skills first. Thus, wanted to first try with my own points. But I believe being an Accountant in Australia waiting for your invitation is too late for me now, unfortunately!
  7. Hi all, Hope you are doing well. This is to get your piece of advise and knowledge regarding two of the below matters: Background - I am 39 years, and am currently in a defacto relationship with my partner since January 2017. We have also been living together since then till date. We both are skilled - my partner in IT and myself in Accounts. We both applied for EOI based on our skills and claimed each other's 5 points too for partner skill points. My partner got invitation in December 2018 and lodged PR application in Feb 2019 and 189 visa was granted in July 2019. I have been addressed as a defacto partner on my partner's 189 application, however I intended to gain my PR on my own skilled visa and did not want to apply as a 189 dependent then. My partner wishes me to add me as 189 dependent. However, I still want to see if it is possible with currently 80 points waiting since Feb 2019. Query no. 1: 1. Will I be losing my 5 partner skill points from EOI as my partner is now a Australian PR? Or will I still be able to claim that? (That will make me as 75 points ) Query no. 2: Can I add myself now as a 189 dependent after my partner's visa application is already been granted? (Considering Accountants have a long waiting queue, i will be turning 40 by next July (and will lose points for my age) and my 485 visa is about to expire in March 2020) Your advise and guidance will be very crucial for my further visa and life. Kind regards MRJuly