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  1. Singh77


    Hi my migration agent put “NO” in the form but I was holding previous visa grant no . When I ask my migration agent to correct this he said he didn’t have your previous visa grant no when I lodged the application so it wouldn’t effect. I want your suggestions. Please let me know thank you
  2. Singh77

    457 to 491 visa

    I was on 457 visa cook position from 2016- 2020 my payslips was coming as chef so I have first got skill assessment from vetaess as cook then after few months as chef as well . I got invited based on chef but I haven’t claim my chef experience points to be safe side I put job offer letter my agent lodged my 491 visa also in from 80 he put that my job as chef 2016 to 2020 . Is that going to be ok still under processing from June 2020 please let me know thank you
  3. Singh77

    186 TRT

    Hi guys I logged the ens nomination my company turn over is 1.8 million but loss and profit says $116k got supportive letter from their accountant will it help or not ? Please let me know thanks
  4. Singh77

    186Trt visa

    Hi Am new to this forum am on 457 visa since June 2016 I have been working as cook from last 3years my employer going to sponsor me for 186 TRT visa company had 1.8 million trun over but loss and profits statement says $116 k loss overall is there still chance for approval 186 TRT visa please let me know if some had same situation like me thank you