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  1. Hi folks, Got my test booked in for next month in Melbourne but was originally planning on moving back to the UK way before now and taking both the test and doing the ceremony from the UK (a visa lawyer informed us that this can be done). Then COVID happened. Has anyone here taken their test in Australia but then had their ceremony in another country? Or both the test and ceremony? There are family reasons for making the move but I'm trying to work out how possible this now is given travel bans and general COVID impact. Thanks
  2. britinoz4

    Can you apply for consecutive 155/157 RRVs?

    Thanks both. Makes sense. My girlfriend is Australian so I'd be relying on that connection plus a future job offer to help me secure the RRV. Combination of employment and personal ties which I'd hope would be enough
  3. Hey folks, Thinking ahead to when I'll need to extend my RRV attached to my permanent residency. I'm planning to spend some time overseas so there's a chance I won't qualify for the 5 year RRV as I may not have been in Oz 2 years out of the 5 on my current RRV. If this is the case and I get a 1 year RRV instead, can I apply for another one after that year comes to an end? Can you effectively just keep on getting 1 year RRVs indefinitely (not that I'd want to do this but just wondering). Thanks!
  4. britinoz4

    Can you leave Australia after applying for citizenship?

    Thanks, yes I'd suspected as much. Understand the need to be here for the test and ceremony but unsure why there's a need just during the period after application. Other than showing willing to commit to Australia of course...
  5. Hi folks, I'll be eligible to apply for Citizenship next Feb. My (Australian) girlfriend and I are planning on moving back to the UK mid next year to spend some time there before working out which country to make our permanent home. If I do apply next Feb, does anyone know whether I can be outside of Australia when a decision in made on my citizenship and / or when they let me know a date for the ceremony? Thanks!