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  1. THank you so much. Please see your mail inbox.
  2. Thank you for your reply. No, I am not seeking any migration advice from ACS nor I will not claim any points for Australian study. I just applied my skill assessment for General migration purpose, not even for 'Post Australian Study' yet ACS has assessed it based on the Post Australian Study Skill Assessment requirements and confirmed it even after I mentioned them I studied offshore. Just worried DHA will be questioned that in later stages.
  3. Hi All, My partner and I have an Australian bachelors degree completed offshore, In ACS application we mentioned that the country of study as our home country where we studied. Surprisingly ACS has decided to NOT to deduct any years and has taken our relevant qualification start date as the end date of our degree. That means we could claim points from the start date of our job. I was a little bit confused as nobody can't escape the two-year deduction unless you have studied onshore, so I mailed ACS saying that I've studied offshore and if there was any mistake. Then they replied; But again We could claim 5 points for our experience, but I'm really worried that DHA would have another point of view regarding my relevant skill dates. Should we go with the ACS mentioned dates? And my partner will be the primary applicant, should we get a confirmation from ACS regarding her skill dates from ACS as well? Note - we got total 4 skill assessments for two job codes, for 3 out of 4 they haven't deducted any experience. The first one they deducted two years. Appreciate any input. Thanks.
  4. Believer

    186 - is it worth a shot? 60K Salary 261313

    Thanks for the clarification Yorkie haha..it is too confusing
  5. Believer

    186 - is it worth a shot? 60K Salary 261313

    I see, I just wanted to see if there's anyone who had been in my shoes. Thank you for advice, really appreciate.
  6. Believer

    186 - is it worth a shot? 60K Salary 261313

    Hi Guys Full time, Permanent - My partner reading for Masters Yeah I know I'm underpaid, but there were not many to offer me a job even though I was entitled to work full time. As soon as they heard the word 'Student', they would reject me without even going through my resume. Despite my salary, I'm grateful for my employed who offered me full time and a permanent position so I could claim points for my experience.
  7. Believer

    186 - is it worth a shot? 60K Salary 261313

    Yes, This is the question I'm having. You are correct about the average salary. I took this job as it is without any demanding or proper research for salary because I was not in a position to demand and my current visa is student dependent. (not even 457) so not many people would like to hire people like me. I don't think I would get an increment this soon to match it with market rate.
  8. G'day peeps, Writing my first post here and appreciate your valuable input :) A little bit of my self: 261313 - Software Engineer 4-5 Years of offshore experience and 1.5 years of onshore experience English 7 each Partner with a skilled assessment and 7 each English State - Vic -Mel Salary - 60K Current position - Permanent and Full time Current visa - Dependent student My current company is not really a big company but has been in the industry for the last 10 years. They have sponsored a couple of 457 visas before so I'm guessing they know the drill. We have been struggling with PR since last year and it seems it is dragging away from us day by day. I hadn't thought about 186 until now as I thought it is a tedious process and I just don't want to be dependent on anyone regarding my visa. I haven't had any sort of discussion with my employer yet. anyway, my question is it really worth to try 186? Considering my below average salary? Is it true it is taking around 12 months get all completed? Do you guys think I should go with a MR? Appreciate your opinion on above, Thank you :) :)