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  1. Hey Ravi, Thanks for your reply. If you are working as Management consultant in a Consulting firm, then the work experience should be fine. Which area are you working ? Maybe we are in the same boat.
  2. HI there, I need some guidacne from you. I have a Master of Commerce Degree (Major in Finance) and now I have 1 year experience working as a management consltant. My duties are similar as the requirments of 224711 Management Consultant on VETASSESS. I did take sevaral management units but not sure if they would help me assess as "highly relevant". Do you think the degree Master of Commerce is highly relevat or not? . Your advise will be greatly helped, thanks Cheers Christy.
  3. Christy

    Vetassess Priority Processing

    Hi @NQ679, Wodered if you got a positive result from VETASSESS? I am in a similiar situation. Only having one year working experience as a management concultant and Master of Commerce(Finance). I did take several management units, but just not sure if my qualification will be assessed as" highly relevant" which is very important to me. I heard from others, they said my degree may not highly relevant for this occupation. Your guidance will be extremely helpful, thanks Cheers Christy