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  1. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, I haveva total of 17 years experience in Paediatrics. No onshore experience but still got invited by God's Grace. My score was 55+10.
  2. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    I got mine in 3 days.
  3. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    1) 2 weeks 2 and 3) In 3 days after they received my documents. Received both invitations on the same day.
  4. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, Had submitted my application on June 5. Waiting. Fingers crossed.
  5. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    I had an agent to do this. After step 1 I received an invite to submit a full application paying 770 dollars. And then received the final invitation from NSW and regional SI in 2 to 3 days. I am not sure about the confirmation email though. For the second invite I got a confirmation email stating that they received my application and will let know in 6 weeks. Hope this helps.
  6. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, I received the first invite in 2 weeks with 65 points. I guess the invitation is depending on the demand. Hopefully you get it soon.
  7. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, I use an agent from India. They have been decent till now and am happy with them.
  8. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, I too had applied last week. My agent says 7 months but one nurse received her grant in 2 months of submitting application. So, its just a matter of submission of complete documents and case officer. Keeping fingers crossed.
  9. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Good luck with everything.
  10. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, I received the final invite from regional and NSW on 9th April. I am getting my papers ready. Have to launch by June 1st week. For the AHPRA, am still doing my CPDs. A few more points and I will apply for the registration. Praying everything goes well for all of us.
  11. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hi, Just now submitted all documents to my agent. They will get probably mail it this week. And then am not sure of the wait period for the invite from NSW. I am still not sure where to start looking Waiting for some guidance. All the best with your process. I guess we will soon meet in SI Take care
  12. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    @KSH81 Hi, done with the paperworks yet?
  13. glorypps

    Southern Inland 489

    Hii, Congrats... me too in the same boat... am a Paediatric Nurse.
  14. glorypps

    Query on 489 visa.

    Hi Claire, I did get invited from Southern Inland at 65 points for 489 in 2 weeks.
  15. glorypps

    EOI 190 NSW Nurse

    Hi, my agent applied an EOI to Southern Inland for 489 with 65 points on 19th Feb 2019 and by 22nd informed me that they cannot process the same as SI wants 2 years OSE. But on 5th March I received my preinvite to lodge a full application. I was completely in shock. So I guess we can never understand how it works. Points system works for some. I just shared this so it gives some hope to all of us.