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  1. Keerat

    Moving to interstate

    Thanks for reply Nemesis
  2. Keerat

    Moving to interstate

    Hello friend, I really need genuine help for making a decision I got my 190 visa granted last month (Tasmania), my question is if I change my state does it will effect my citizenship application later on. What do you recommend can I change the state or should I wait for my citizenship. Thank you
  3. Keerat

    190 visa

    I did work on 457 visa and employer didn’t pay at all my super and company went in liquidation. CO officer asked for superannuation. Is it mandatory to be paid to claim work experience point or can I provide other proof for my work experience.
  4. Keerat

    190 visa

    Hello friends I applied 190 visa and claimed points for my work experience but my employer didn’t pay my superannuation for that experience claimed period now co contacted me for superannuation statement. Please suggest me how can I make my co trust on me its my geniun work experience. Please answer me friends thank you so much
  5. Hi friends I have applied 187 RCB 30th October Hobart Tasmania and nomination on 8th November what is current processing time for it Thanks
  6. Hi friends I want to know about how can we count our experience like I have 9 months part time and 2 years and 6 months full time i need 3 years full time experience for any visa can I count hours or only months and years TIA KEERAT