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    Visa Advice / Career advice (2022)

    “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”– Soren Kierkegaard
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    Merry Christmas !!
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    Visa Advice / Career advice (2022)

    Good afternoon , Everyone I am seeking an advice on which visa i should apply for , If my intentions is to stay here permanently . I currently hold 485 visa . My story is as followed i hold a bachelor in "Mechanical Engineering" from overseas with no work experience , and i came to Australia around 3 years ago . I decided then to study "Master of cyber security" since i thought it will be in demand . I recently finished my studies around a year ago without any work experience nor the ability to secure a job . For over a year i have been applied for numerous jobs but all of them rejected me based on ( citizenship / experience and certifications ).I asked for feedback to know exactly wants my problem some says we found better qualified person that you other said it you dont have any experience. (I thought to myself how am i be able to have an experience if i cant have a job ) Across many feedbacks . I realized that anything in cyber security i need to be a PR holder or a citizen to be able to work in the field since they require a security clearance . Some recruiters said to me that ( I need to start from scratch as help desk officer then climb the ladder to reach to anything in cyber) the problem is it will take alot of time plus i wouldn't be able to apply for PR since i cant fulfill the skill assessment in which they require 1 years job experience in the field or in a related field. I have called to ask the ACS about what related field to cyber security they haven't got me a clear answer all what they have said that they assess on the job duties not on the job title . I then later made my own research to found out all the related fields needs at least 10 years of experience . I am currently stuck . i don't know what to do or which visa path i should take. N.s: ( I have recently also tried to apply for mechanical engineering graduate roles , but i kept getting rejected) Thanks in advance to everyone !!