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  1. Alan DJ Hardy

    Skills assessment

    Hi Guys, I have posted a few things on here as I look to find a way to migrate to Australia. Having taken points and advice on here I am now looking at upskilling. I am looking at a career change to a plumber. I have enquired about taking a level 2 and level 3 NVQ over the next couple of years to start in September. My question is does anyone know if the assessing authority TRA take into consideration just the qualification or will I also need work experience in the same field? Cheers and hope everyone is safe?
  2. Alan DJ Hardy


    That is what I am looking to do. I wanted to look at moving a couple of years ago but I didn't realise at the time how difficult it is. Myself and my wife are retail managers and though we have both been in those positions for around 18 years this isn't what Australia are looking for. We understand that we will have to look at a employer willing to sponsor but that is also very tricky. we are quite easy where we move to but I would like to move around the Grafton area. Good luck!
  3. Alan DJ Hardy


    Many thanks for that. I will have a look into that now and hopefully when the virus has gone I can look to get started. Are you in Australia at the minute or are you looking to go over? Cheers Alan
  4. Alan DJ Hardy


    Hi #excitedbutterrified Thank you for your reply, definitely worth putting your 2p in. There is nothing wrong with the scouse accent but I understand what you mean. I have worked in Liverpool for some time and as a Wigan man I also have trouble with people understanding what I am saying. I have now had a few people say the PTE is better and to a point easier. Will doing a PTE be the same as an IELTS when it comes to applying for a Visa? Kind regards Alan H
  5. Alan DJ Hardy

    Visa agents

    Cheers guys!
  6. Alan DJ Hardy


    Perfect. Thanks for the advice. I only know about IELTS as that's what was on the points calculator for the visa. Regards Al
  7. Alan DJ Hardy


    Hi Ausvisitor That's not an issue. I just want to make sure I have understand what's needed of me when everything is all up and running again. I will have a look to see if there is anywhere I can get some practise questions from to make sure I am up to speed. Cheers Al
  8. Alan DJ Hardy


    Thanks Lavers. Do you know if there is anywhere I can get practise questions? Thanks Al
  9. Alan DJ Hardy

    Visa agents

    Hi Guys Hope everyone I snot letting the virus get you down? I know I have posted quite a few things recently but another question please. While I am getting all my docs ready can anyone recommend a visa agent to help with a skilled visa? Cheers Al
  10. Alan DJ Hardy

    Skilled Visa

    Hi everyone. A couple of questions on the skilled visa and skills assessment's if anyone can help please? I am in the middle of getting all my documents together so I can start the application. I know VETASSES are most likely going to contact my employer and have spoken to my direct manager and he knows what my plans are but he has promised to keep it to himself until hopefully the visa is an option. On the start of my application I have put him as my reference as he is my direct manager but do they contact him or the company direct? Can I also ask if anyone who has used VETASSES do you have any advice for me. Thanks in advance! Al
  11. Alan DJ Hardy


    Hi Can anyone give me some advice or feedback on IELTS please. I want this to help with a visa application. Thanks in advance. Al
  12. Alan DJ Hardy

    Migration companies

    Hi Thanks for the reply. i used a company based in the uk over a year ago and they scammed me. They said they would send my CV out etc.. I took them to court and got my money back. I don’t want the same to happen again which is why I haven’t used them yet. I would love to know if there are any migration companies that someone can recommend?
  13. Alan DJ Hardy

    Occupatiosn list

    Hi thanks for the advice. my occupation refers to a couple that are on the lists to be fair. Do you know how close they need to be? I know that’s quite a varied question! Thanks Alan
  14. Alan DJ Hardy

    Occupatiosn list

    Hi Everyone In regards to the occupations list does your job title have to match exactly or can it be a close match. I have read a few times that it has to be a close match but unsure. I have been looking now for nearly 2 years to move to Oz and looking at the 491 and 494 visa. I am a General Sales Manger in the Automotive industry. Thanks Alan
  15. Alan DJ Hardy

    Migration companies

    Hi Guys Has anyone heard of a company in Adelaide called UIS they are a universal immigration service? Regards Alan