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  1. Alan DJ Hardy

    Student visa

    Hi Thank you for your reply. Yes it’s a certificate of enrolment. The company I am using are called Go Study and they have helped me with the course. They will help me with my student visa application also. There has been no charge from them as they gain some kind of commission/payment when I enrol.
  2. Alan DJ Hardy

    Student visa

    Hi I have now been granted a certificate of education in Australia to start next feb. I have an agent that will help me apply for the student visa 4 months before. I am told as I am 37 and wish to take my wife and 2 children over for the 2 year course they may still decline it? Has anyone had any experience with this?
  3. Alan DJ Hardy

    Mr Hardy

    Hi I am hoping that the degree helps me and I can look for a sponsor once there. I have an occupation on the new DAMA for the Northern Territory.
  4. Alan DJ Hardy

    Mr Hardy

    Thank you for your reply. I am really wanting to move there. I have a migration company doing a recruitment drive looking for a Employer sponsor but my thoughts are if not then if I were to study and get a degree then it may help me in the future.
  5. Alan DJ Hardy

    Mr Hardy

    Has anyone got/had a student visa? I am about to apply to a TAFFE higher education centre in Coffs Harbour for a years study. As I am nearly 37 and want to take my wife and children with me i have been told it will be more difficult. I have been told that I will have to prove funds either before I get there or at the airport. I will have paid for my education and my children’s education before I get there but will be relying on working the 20 hours a week I am allowed to while there as with my wife. I already have a position but would like to know the chances of being asked to prove funds? regards Al
  6. Alan DJ Hardy

    Certificate of Employment Australia

    Thanks for the reply, the Certificate just says that I am wanting to work and live in oz and that I have the backing of global migrate etc etc.. they complete a recruitment drive to help me find an employer willing to sponsor me. Looking at the visa options with my skill set it seems as though I would need to look at sponsorship as I don’t meet the criteria to go straight to PR. With the new DAMA that was signed in the NT I would be looking at moving there.
  7. Alan DJ Hardy

    Certificate of Employment Australia

    Hi guys i am using Global Migrate to help me with finding an employer willing to sponsor me in Australia. They explained that I would need a Certificate of employment before they can help me look for work. Has anyone had any dealings with this or does anyone know if this is correct? Thanks Al
  8. Alan DJ Hardy

    Living in the Northern Territory

    Hi where would the best area be to move to in the Northern Territory. I currently live in England with my wife and 2 children.
  9. Alan DJ Hardy

    New NT legislation

    Hi does anyone know of, and can help with the new DAMA legislation from 1st January regarding Employer sponsorship? Thank you
  10. Alan DJ Hardy

    Student Visa

    Hi guys As I understand if I want to work and live in Australia which I do I am better off studying first. If I choose a diploma on a 2 year course depending on what I study do you think it would be easier gaining a sponsorship. I am 36 and would take my wife and children with me. Thanks
  11. Alan DJ Hardy

    Employer Sponsor

    What about a retail manager on a 189 visa?
  12. Alan DJ Hardy

    Employer Sponsor

    Hey! Thanks. I have spoken to an agent today and he seems to think as long as I get sponsorship from an employee in my current field I can apply for a 482 visa. This will be for 2 or 4 years of which I can then apply for a PR after 3 years. ( this is what I have been told ). Obviously a PR visa isn’t guaranteed but I can but only try. Does that sound right? Thanks Alan
  13. Alan DJ Hardy

    Employer Sponsor

    Hi I Have spent some time looking at Visas and though I have been Sales Manager for 18 years it isn't that clear on the lists if I would be accepted for an Employer Sponsor. I am waiting on an agent getting back to me and I have spoken to a great guy in recruitment over there. As I am looking at moving to Grafton he seems to think it may be easier. If I was to have an employer want to sponsor me can someone explain the process please and normal time line? Regards