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  1. Cainey


    Think you need to speak to a migration agent for advice
  2. My daughter is a teacher so not on the list unfortunately
  3. Cainey

    Cost of moving to Oz

    I emigrated 16 year ago on a 457visa and was not lucky enough to get flights paid for. Even 16 years ago it cost us more than 5k then. I do think around the 30k is very realistic . Good luck with the move
  4. Oh no this is just so frustrating for you. My Daughter in same situation as you With 489visa, but come January She will have another 3 years left on her visa. Her and her family like many others are stuck in limbo. Hope you get here and keep us posted.
  5. Tell me about It I am a nurse in ICU working in WA, we are all just waiting for the next wave to come, but fingers crossed it won’t happen. My Daughter has state sponsored visa, which was granted January but is unable to enter the country at this present time and can just see the 4 years of her visa ticking away .
  6. I know I don’t understand how people with visas are not been allowed in but yet people waiting for visa are saying yes you are allowed in. Perth has one of the least need for health care workers.
  7. Cainey

    417 visa expiry

    Is this a temporary visa how can he travel back to Australia ?
  8. Are only health care staff getting grants before even getting visas? Any teachers who have already got temp visas getting exemptions to travel ?
  9. Cainey

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    Is Western Australia doing state sponsorship 190 visa ?
  10. Cainey

    Skill assessment

    She carried out PGCE in primary 3-7 years. But it was part time over a year. So she has done 3 years full time and 1 year part time at uni. Has more than enough observed teaching hours in her training ? It's the uni time that's concerning her, it's not 4 years full time
  11. Cainey

    Skill assessment

    Hi thanks for the reply. She has enough points for the visa it was more for the aitslthat she needed. She did not want to put in for it if she was going to get knocked back because of the the study time.
  12. Cainey

    Skill assessment

    I am making an enquiry on behalf of my Daughter who lives in the UK. She is a early years teacher and has been for the past 8 years. She is about to start applying for Visa to Australia to be near myself, husband and sister after recently having a baby. she has a BA in Primary education which was 3 years and a year ago did a PGCE. She has more than the 45 days of practical observations. Her PGCE has been carried out part time but has the same units/ credits as full time study. Will this be enough to get her skills assessment passed with aitls?