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  1. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    Hello, just in case you're interested, I got the 600 granted today for 12 months. It was really quick since the application was only submitted on 1st November. I think if your partner visa is likely to be granted, they are more than likely to grant the visitor visa because you’re less likely to overstay. I ended up uploading a lot of evidence: bank statements to prove we can sustain ourselves, evidence of our relationship and my sons and husband’s citizenship stuff, travel documents etc. Maybe it helped. Anyway, good luck everyone and thank you for your contributions.
  2. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    path2aus thank you for this comment. I have read many situations where people have applied offshore and then visited and it has not been a problem. I have added lots of documents to my application now so fingers crossed. It is just difficult to prove the tourist side of the trip. I have written a statement stating my intentions while in Australia and made it clear that I wouldn't risk mu family's future by overstaying, especially since I paid 7000$ for the partner visa. I added that we have booked a holiday home and I intend to visit friends in Australia etc, I included evidence that I have funds to support my not working also. Thank you for your contribution again and congratulations on having your visa granted.
  3. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    PaulHand thank you for this, it gives me some reassurance as I think we meet several of the scenarios listed. I hope that 7 years counts as a significant period of time to be in a relationship, married for almost 4 years. I apprecite you taking the time to share this with me, I’m going to read it several times and stop panicking! Thank you.
  4. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    Thank you for your comment. I think I made it clear on my 600 application that I would adhere to the terms of the tourist visa so hopefully they will take that into consideration. At the very least, rather than an outright no, they may ask for more information. I did state we had a holiday home booked in Mornington and also listed a couple of friends and family members I intended to visit while in Australia. I guess I can’t do much now except wait ...and of course, do a bit of the old favourite pastime of speculating. Thanks again .
  5. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    Thank you for being so frank and honest. I’d rather be prepared. I think even though I run the risk of being refused, I’d never have tried to deceive/mislead the immigration agency on my application by pretending to be a tourist. So I’m still comfortable with the fact that I was totally honest all the way through the process, even though it might not get me anywhere. I have many positives, I think, which stand me is a good position; for example, I’ve always adhered to previous visa restraints in Australia and elsewhere, we have enough savings to get us through and private health insurance. I wouldn’t risk my 309 by overstaying. But if they have rules that if you’re not strictly a tourist, you can’t get in, then I’m running the risk of a no. If it gets refused then it gets refused and I try for a three month eVisa and if that gets refused we all go to the UK to wait it out. Hopefully they look at the whole thing holistically. Thank you again for your contribution, as grim reading as it is .
  6. KaytoPattzz

    309 while in Japan (UK citizen) can I still get a 600?

    Thank you for your reply. This is what I’m worried about. I was advised to apply for a 600 when I called the Australian embassy here in Tokyo and explained my worry about the 309 bit benign granted in time for December but I guess each situation is different. I wanted to be completely honest on the form as they would know I’m applying for a 309 anyway. I have read lots of situations where people are waiting it out on a 600. Even with my husband and baby son being citizens you still think they’d refuse me? It’s very worrying.
  7. Hello, Im new to the visa hell and going out of my mind with worry. I’m a UK citizen living I Tokyo with my Aussie husband and dual son age 1. I applied for 309 partner visa in September, medicals and police checks uploaded in October. No further activity on the application at all. We are leaving Tokyo in December to move to Australia, so I have applied for a 600 and requested 12 months. I actually applied for a three month evisa first but withdrew as I felt the 12 month one was better and more honest. Met in 2011, lived together since 2012, married to my husband for almost 4 years and we have a 1yr old dual citizen child. I’ve front loaded the application - 96 documents just for me! Any idea of timings for the 309? Also, will the 600 be ok as I’m technically not going as a tourist? I’ve fully explained the situation on the 600 form so they know exactly why I’m applying. I appreciate any insight or experience sharing you have. Good luck to you all .