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  1. redwriter

    returning to UK after 4 years

    Thanks, I thought Alan had retired. I'll get in touch with him.
  2. Hi, We're planning on returning to UK after four years in Aus. and need advice re: selling house timelines/tax implications here and in UK, SMSF and moving funds back. Can anyone suggest an advisor in Perth, WA or nearby. I have contacted BDH Sterling twice but have had no response. Is there an alternative? Thanks,
  3. redwriter

    Estate Planning: UK & AU Wills

    Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Perth WA?
  4. redwriter

    Advice please

    Can anyone recommend lawyer and accountant in Fremantle area who is used to dealing with immigrants from UK? We have made offer for a house and need both above. In due course will need financial advisor also. So any suggestions welcome. Thanks