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  1. My employer is part of an international group that is approved for Oversea Sponsorship. I'm transferring to their subsidiary based in Australia. Will the subsidiary need to be approved also for sponsorship? Or will the parent company approval be sufficient.
  2. Slaydbyme

    Shipping costs or buying new

    Thanks again Marisa. Sending our belongings earlier than moving out is a good idea and I’m sure we could made do for 6 weeks here
  3. Slaydbyme

    Shipping costs or buying new

    I’ve not heard of Movecube but have spent the last 30 minutes reading up and getting a quote. Thanks seems a decent option
  4. Hi, We're taking advantage of our July move to clear ourselves of old tat that we can replace with new tat haha. In doing so, we are considering taking only about 10 - 15 boxes, dining table and chairs, double bed, 2 side boards and a few other bits. Our conundrum is that when we've had quotes, they range from £1200 - £2000 and we could sell what we've got in the UK and get £2000 for them. And not have the hassle of shipping. Do we bother, or buy everything new/ second hand? Are there any hidden costs? It was surprising how expensive it was to ship out our car once import tax and GST was included We're also planning on renting, so our stuff may go into storage. Any views? Are beds and dining tables expensive in Oz?
  5. Slaydbyme

    Transfer visa to new company

    Hi, I've been granted a 482 temporary visa for the Parent Company I work for. in the next 3 months, I need to transfer the visa to a subsidiary branch in Australia. Does the subsidiary company need to go through the sponsorship and nomination process? I presume they do if I've read the correct information.
  6. Slaydbyme

    Financial assistance

    It's a TSS 482 visa Thanks
  7. Slaydbyme

    Financial assistance

    We finally had our visa approved which was a great relief. Moving to Queensland in August. For years I've witnessed migrants in the UK receive financial support. Wondering if there are any benefits for a family moving to Queensland? First time buyers assistance, or other settlement support? Thanks
  8. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Perhaps I misread the word concession somewhere
  9. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    So will it just be a lower threshold, rather than 65 points? Otherwise I can’t see where the concessions come from
  10. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Do you think the concessions on points may refer to lower points for languages rather than skills and experience?
  11. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Hello everyone, So I noticed that there are two new regiona visas coming later this year: Employer sponsored regional visa - isn’t this the same as RSMS 187? Temporary Regional Sponsored visa - does anyone know what this is? From the official site, it mentions some concessions on points? Thanks
  12. Slaydbyme

    Secondary applicant in visa application

    Thanks Raul
  13. Slaydbyme

    Secondary applicant in visa application

    It’s a temporary Visa
  14. Hi, When it comes to my sponsoring company completing the Secondary applicant, they froze. What are the benefits/ implications of my company sponsoring a secondary applicant? Should they do it?
  15. Slaydbyme

    Regional lovation for RSMS

    Hello, i asked this question elsewhere on the forum but would appreciate a broader view. For the RSMS there are eligible postcodes for where your business sponsor needs to reside. Does it matter where you live? Of course you will want to be close to work but thinking about schools and catchment areas, do I need to still be within the regional postcodes? Thanks