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  1. Slaydbyme

    Financial assistance

    It's a TSS 482 visa Thanks
  2. Slaydbyme

    Financial assistance

    We finally had our visa approved which was a great relief. Moving to Queensland in August. For years I've witnessed migrants in the UK receive financial support. Wondering if there are any benefits for a family moving to Queensland? First time buyers assistance, or other settlement support? Thanks
  3. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Perhaps I misread the word concession somewhere
  4. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    So will it just be a lower threshold, rather than 65 points? Otherwise I can’t see where the concessions come from
  5. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Do you think the concessions on points may refer to lower points for languages rather than skills and experience?
  6. Slaydbyme

    New Regional Visas

    Hello everyone, So I noticed that there are two new regiona visas coming later this year: Employer sponsored regional visa - isn’t this the same as RSMS 187? Temporary Regional Sponsored visa - does anyone know what this is? From the official site, it mentions some concessions on points? Thanks
  7. Slaydbyme

    Secondary applicant in visa application

    Thanks Raul
  8. Slaydbyme

    Secondary applicant in visa application

    It’s a temporary Visa
  9. Hi, When it comes to my sponsoring company completing the Secondary applicant, they froze. What are the benefits/ implications of my company sponsoring a secondary applicant? Should they do it?
  10. Slaydbyme

    Regional lovation for RSMS

    Hello, i asked this question elsewhere on the forum but would appreciate a broader view. For the RSMS there are eligible postcodes for where your business sponsor needs to reside. Does it matter where you live? Of course you will want to be close to work but thinking about schools and catchment areas, do I need to still be within the regional postcodes? Thanks
  11. Slaydbyme

    The role of a migration agent

    In relation to Aussiebirds comment
  12. Slaydbyme

    The role of a migration agent

    My experience is quite similar. When I’ve approached MAs recently away from this forum about 25% have responded. Or very slow to respond to my enquiry (2 months in one case) The only MA that has responded to me through the forum is Raul, who is highly regarded.
  13. Slaydbyme

    The role of a migration agent

    Thanks LoudYorkie. Your role as a business analyst is very similar to the position I am in. 50% of my day is spent researching. This is why I'm keen to understand exactly what was done for others. In your case, did the agent do a particular thing? Review your contract offer against current Law? That's the value I'm looking for. The reason I want to check is we were quote $2000 to complete the online submission for becoming a company being able to sponsor employees. There are 11 sections, much of it is Yes/ No and a few character limited response boxes.
  14. Slaydbyme

    RCB Refused - 187 RSMS

    I’ve always had it in mind that the RCB application would go in first and get approval before applying for an RSMS visa?
  15. Slaydbyme

    The role of a migration agent

    Have you got any examples of harsh decisions? most of the reasons you listed for failure appear controllable and sensible. If you can’t fill out form 80, as well as business plans evidencing why, organagrams, finances etc then why should you be granted a visa at someone else’s expense. For the RSMS how much interaction do DHA have with the regional certifying board?