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  1. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    BFB. thank you for your email and I have took it all on board, we are at Westpac Friday. Sorry for not answering earlier but flew out on Monday, nice to get here. regards. KGW
  2. Kenneth Wragg

    Property in Mount Barker.

    Thank you for your reply’s, we have took it all on board. Can I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your help/advice over the past few months, this is a great website for help/ information. A 1st Class service, can’t thank you all enough you know who you are. Best Wishes, we are on our way. KGW
  3. Kenneth Wragg

    Property in Mount Barker.

    Hello: I have a budget of only $300K, will I be able to get a completed 3 bed/ 2 baths new property in Mount Barker? Thank you for all your help and advice to date. KGW.
  4. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Thank you for your help/advice, I have took it onboard. Thank you. KGW
  5. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Marisa. i did open a account based on what you told me before, but the Aus$ exchange is low here in U.K. so wondered if I brought some cash to exchange in Adelaide if the rate improved. Thanks again for you help/ advice. KGW.
  6. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Hello. is it better to bring English £s to Australia to change into Australian Dollars? Is there plenty of exchanges where you can buy Australian Dollars in Adelaide. kKGW
  7. Kenneth Wragg

    From Quaratine Melbourne to Mount Barker 5251 Adelaide

    Thanks for your email, good to hear from. kindest regards. KGWragg.
  8. Kenneth Wragg

    Mortgage Reprosessions

    Can you buy property in Adelaide area that people have defaulted on their mortgage repayments, is there agents who specifically deal with these. Thank you. KGW
  9. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Thank you for all the replies, we have took these comments/ advice on board, just to say we very much appreciate your help, it is invaluable. KGW
  10. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Marisa. Thank you again for your email. KGW
  11. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Thank you for your reply. We have a Visa Agent, we have been told that we have to apply for a bridging Visa after expiry of our tourist visa, once granted this will allow us to stay in Australia, the aged parent visa 804 we will never get because of the 30 year wait. We wanted to be clear what we put on our shipment form and not to put anything that would jeopardise our situation, again we only have one daughter who is a Australian Citizen, any advice would be appreciated, but getting different advice from people. KGW
  12. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    I appreciated your reply but it did not answer my genuine question: namely on the shipping form it asks is your trip a tourist, is it to live in Australia, and so on. We want to live in Australia near our only daughter who is a Australian Citizen but cannot do this until we acquire a bridging Visa, we are aware that a bridging Visa can only be issued if you are in Australia, so do we just put on the form tourist visit? but again we have a Migration agent and hopefully we will get the bridging Visa after meeting the criteria “ quote from visa agent. Think we will go with tourist visa because we will enter Australia on this visa can you say if this will meet with any issues? KGW
  13. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Just to say I am aware of how the Bridging Visa works. KGW
  14. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Thank you very much for the information, will do. KGW
  15. Kenneth Wragg

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Hello: can you extend a tourist Visa? Our Tourist Visa is for 3 months, we want to apply for a Bridging Visa while awaiting our Aged 804 Visa. We have a Visa Agent but wanted to ship our effects from U.K. and hope that the Bridging will be in place. We don’t know what to put on the shipping form regarding the question: Are you coming as a tourist: The next question is: Are you taking up residency in Australia for the 1st time. We will be taking up residency on the issue of the Bridging Visa. We have one daughter who is a Australian Citizen trust someone can help. Thank you all for your help/ advice to date on other issues. KGW