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  1. Kenneth Wragg

    UK State Pension.

    Hello. would be grateful if anyone can advise. I am about to write to UK Pension Service to ask them to pay our State Pensions to Westpac, is there anything we should know, is it better to receive monthly or every 3 months, any helpadvice would be welcomed. KGW
  2. A Very Happy New Year: can anyone tell me what is the best internet provider for Nairne, we don’t necessarily need a telephone just internet, would be grateful if you could advise, just would like to pay a fair price for low to med useage. Thank you. K.G.W.
  3. Kenneth Wragg

    What health insurance is best for us.

    Sprinter. Just to thank you for that invaluable information, again have taken it on board. Regards. KGW
  4. Kenneth Wragg

    What health insurance is best for us.

    Marisa. Hello, we have taken your advice on many occasions and we have took on board what you have said regarding health insurance. Merry Xmas. K.G.W
  5. Kenneth Wragg

    What health insurance is best for us.

    Sprinter. Thank you for your advice, have took it on board. Merry Xmas. KGW
  6. Kenneth Wragg

    What health insurance is best for us.

    Hello. Can I ask all your advice. What is the best health insurance for me and my wife, I have Arthritis, blood pressure, my wife blood pressure, we don’t want cheap health insurance but reliable insurance. Just to thank you all for your help to date. KG W
  7. Kenneth Wragg

    Fly Fishing

    Bobj thank you for that. Merry Xmas. KGW
  8. Kenneth Wragg

    Fly Fishing

    Hello. can anyone tell me if there is any fly fishing in Mount Barker or Strathalbyn. Thank you. KGW
  9. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    BFB. thank you for your email and I have took it all on board, we are at Westpac Friday. Sorry for not answering earlier but flew out on Monday, nice to get here. regards. KGW
  10. Kenneth Wragg

    Property in Mount Barker.

    Thank you for your reply’s, we have took it all on board. Can I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your help/advice over the past few months, this is a great website for help/ information. A 1st Class service, can’t thank you all enough you know who you are. Best Wishes, we are on our way. KGW
  11. Kenneth Wragg

    Property in Mount Barker.

    Hello: I have a budget of only $300K, will I be able to get a completed 3 bed/ 2 baths new property in Mount Barker? Thank you for all your help and advice to date. KGW.
  12. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Thank you for your help/advice, I have took it onboard. Thank you. KGW
  13. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Marisa. i did open a account based on what you told me before, but the Aus$ exchange is low here in U.K. so wondered if I brought some cash to exchange in Adelaide if the rate improved. Thanks again for you help/ advice. KGW.
  14. Kenneth Wragg

    Money Exchange.

    Hello. is it better to bring English £s to Australia to change into Australian Dollars? Is there plenty of exchanges where you can buy Australian Dollars in Adelaide. kKGW
  15. Kenneth Wragg

    From Quaratine Melbourne to Mount Barker 5251 Adelaide

    Thanks for your email, good to hear from. kindest regards. KGWragg.