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  1. IIEN

    Importing BMW to Australia

    Apologies to @Iron Chef truly no intention to cast any doubt on service. Your service has been really really good. It is a personal call as to whether to take it their and back. Apologies did not mean to offend in any way
  2. IIEN

    Importing BMW to Australia

    @calNgary, @Paul1Perth, @Amber Snowball Thank you all so much for the advice. Decision made we will sell it. We have been in touch with iron lady who have been really good. But (not their fault) that cannot guarantee that the price they calculate as GST that the customs may decided different. There is always that risk. Based on really good points raised by Cal we will sell. Once less hassle ;-). This is such an amazing website it has been invaluable everyone is so helpful !
  3. Hi We are moving to Melbourne Australia in April. We are going on a TSS subclass 482 visa but have plans for staying longer through another route. We have a 6 year old 6 series BMW and were thinking about taking it with us. We have had quotes for shipping it over but they all say in addition we pay GST and duty based on the red book value of the car or whatever customs authority decide when its imported. Also we believe it will be classed as a luxury car. The price of buying one over there is over twice the value of the car in UK. Some questions to those of you who have done this Are you legally allowed on a 2 year short term visa to take your car? Has the GST based on red book value been a lot more than estimated by the shipper ? if yes by much Should we bother ? will we have issue getting parts - are we allowed sell it over there if we choose ? Thanks so much in advance
  4. IIEN

    HELP re Primary schools Bayside Melbourne

    Thank you @AussieMum
  5. IIEN

    Advice re estate agents

    thank you again @bayside
  6. IIEN

    Advice re estate agents

    Thankyou @bayside for all of the information very helful. I tried this but microburbs only gave me info re suburbs in Sydney ?
  7. IIEN

    Advice re estate agents

    Thank you very much @Marisawright really appreciate your help
  8. Hi we are planning a move to Melbourne April 2019 to Bayside area. We will do AIRBNB for the first month until our stuff arrives from UK. Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent in that area ?. We have been looking on https://www.realestate.com.au. Is there perhaps a decent company/service we can use that would help us with the process of finding home and schools ? Thanks.
  9. Hi we are planning to move to Melbourne April 2019. I would really appreciate advice on how to /what the process is to apply to schools mid school year. Is there any website that shows what schools have availability ? My children are in their second term of Years 1 and Year 4 in UK. The location we choose in Bayside will be determined by best schools - i.e we will rent beside right school. Does anyone have any advice/experience on best mixed state or catholic schools in the area please ? Thank you.