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    Places to live in NSW

    If you live significantly outside the city (or even in the suburbs) in Australia you are bound to be living amongst snakes/spiders etc. I live in Brisbane and brown snakes can be found 5kms from the city. Having said that, no one I know has ever come across one. That fear will quickly subside once you have been here for a little while. I second the Blue Mountains, my sister lives there and loves it!
  2. Nat2906

    HELP! Wrong Year Group at School?

    Hi NicF He is 8 (turned 8 in June). The school were fairly adamant that he went into year 4 and they wouldn't acknowledge that there was a difference between year 4 UK & Australian Curriculum. I spent 30 minutes trying to convince them that I didn't think it was a good idea under the circumstances (he already has low self esteem because he is often behind his peers).
  3. Hi! We have recently arrived in Australia from Dubai. My son was attending a UK curriculum school in Dubai and was in Year 4 (he had completed one term of year 4). In his class he was one of the younger students and was definitely struggling to keep up at times (he has dyslexia). It's my understanding that strictly speaking UK Year 4 is equivalent of halfway through Australian Year 3? (i.e. six months difference). To cut a long story short, my son has now been put in year 4, he is by far the youngest in the class (June baby) and several kids are a full year older than him. Given that he was already struggling with UK Year four, do you think he should be in Australian Year 4? It's only day two of the school year in QLD and if there is a mistake I want to change it ASAP. I would love to know your experience transitioning to an Australian School! Thanks