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  1. RobbyBobby

    Applying for PR during Covid

    Hi all hope your well First of all, I hope everyones OK in our current situations and secondly sorry if this is the wrong section please move to the relevant one if you need Me and my missus are in a bit of a sticky position at the moment thanks to our new friend Covid I am currently on a 2 year 457 (telecommunications) which expires on 19 April, My missus is on a 457 (cook) that expires in 18 months, we were planning on applying for a 186 (employer sponsored PR) through her employer any day now as we now have sufficient evidence, (registered relationship, live together etc) but our visa agent is saying that it isnt a good time to apply as the nomination may be rejected due to to coronavirus. My missus restaurant is still operating a takeaway service so she is still working 40 hours a week. But the visa agent says that a cook might now not be seen as a genuine need for full time staff at the moment Our visa agent is suggesting I get added to her 457 so that I can stay in the meantime, and then apply for the 186 once this situation has blown over? I personally feel they are trying to get another 4500 out of us (1000 fees, 2700 for visa and 710 temporary application charge) I'm just trying to find out what my options are and what peoples opinions are? Do I have to stump up this extra 4500 or should we just apply for the 186? Any other options? Thanks guys stay safe!!
  2. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    It got approved today 1 day after the 90% ah I'm so happy! Raul thanks for your help in this thread!
  3. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    Well I'm finally outside the 90% processing so I called immigration yesterday who were no help at all just told me to email 457@homeaffairs.gov.au which I did. Hopefully they can finally pull their thumb out their arse!
  4. RobbyBobby

    457 - Current processing times

    My application was lodged on 18 may 2017, a copy of my Medicare was requested in June and submitted 2 days later Nearly a year on I am still waiting, I left Oz in December and didn't realise you needed a bridging visa B for going on holiday. So haven't worked in 4 months. It's absolute BS. Called them today saying it's 11 months WTF and they said just email 457@homeaffairs.gov.au
  5. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    Well it's been over 10 months since my initial application now and it's still not sorted, asked my visa agent to chase it up she says she's emailed the priority team every other day for 3 months without reply, which I'm not sure i believe, my missus has ditched me and I'm left paying 350 a week for a house i can't even see. What can be done now it's been over 10 months (initial application 18/5/2017)
  6. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    Hello everyone! So i'm still outside Australia waiting for my 457 to be approved, its freezing here in England and I'm not earning so I wish they'd hurry up (decided not to go in on a holiday visa, thought it might look dodgy as Raul above said) Its been 9 months since I applied for my visa, and every time I call my visa agent she says she cant chase it up with immigration until its been 10 months? Is she fobbing me off or is this correct? Is there anything I can do to speed it up? Thanks!
  7. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    The missus is not amused
  8. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    My visa agent finally got back to me can only return on a visitor visa until my 457 approved. Learn from my mistake. Never go on holiday ?
  9. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    k cheers guys will do, trying to enjoy my holiday but stressed as!
  10. RobbyBobby

    Help! I messed up my bridging visa

    Hi everyone! Happy Christmas and New year! I'm currently awaiting approval for a 457 (application was put in in May) in june I went home for a month for my sisters wedding and I was changed from a bridging visa A to a bridging visa B. I'm now in Vietnam visiting my other sister for Christmas. I just found out that my bridging visa B expired in mid-july. I thought it was a permanent change! What can I do!?!?