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    School Advice/Help! Please!

    Hello I have just joined the forum and was hoping to get some advice please. My husband has been offered a job working offshore in Perth. We would be moving from Scotland, with two boys ages 10 and 4. Our son goes to a small private school here and is so happy and settled I'm very worried about how the move will affect him. He's quite sensitive and he has had the same friends since he was 3. I know most kids adjust quite well but it's still a real worry at this point. We have just heard today about his job so I have starting looking online at school but it's very overwhelming. We are lucky we are getting our school fees paid as part of our moving package. Ideally I would like a school that both the boys could attend together so a primary and secondary school. My sons musical and a good music department would be a big plus point for us. I haven't looked at areas to live yet as I thought I would get the school first then look at rentals afterwards. Any help would be much appreciated!