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  1. Wifey59


    Hi sorry I have only just seen your message as things have been so up in the air. I'm just in the process of trying to organise getting Louie over but have been advised to use a company especially with Covid which have really complicated matters and have made it more expensive by the looks of things. I'm in UK hubby is in Oz. Some companies aren't flying pets due to Covid. I've got one quote from Jetpets for $5800 which I think is expensive but am in the process of getting some more in the next few days. How did you get on?
  2. Wifey59


    I'm currently in the UK and my husband and furry friend will be joining me hopefully before Christmas. Trying to sort Louie (shitzu) first. Has anyone got any recommendations please. Covid seems to have affected quite a few companies and the only quote we have got so far is from Jetpets $5800. Is this expensive? Thank you for any advice you may give at this stressful time.
  3. Wifey59


    Thank you I am very stressed about having my little boy doing the journey. I think I will take your advice. Thank you x
  4. Wifey59


    Hi It looks like we are going to have to return to the UK as my mum is extremely frail now. We have been getting quotes to ship our small dog which is coming out at around $4,000. My husband contacted Qantas freight today and if we do it ourselves the cost is around $800!!!! I was just wondering if anyone has any experience at doing this themselves and was there any problems? I know we need to get rabies shot, vet checks and make sure all paperwork is checked with a fine tooth comb but is there anything I am missing? Thank you
  5. Wifey59

    Moving back to UK where do we start!

    Thank you so much MacGyver I didn't know that. Will look into it. Thanks again
  6. Wifey59

    Moving back to UK where do we start!

    Yes I do have the RRV but I will make sure that it's all up to date. Thank you Lisa
  7. Wifey59

    Moving back to UK where do we start!

    Thank you for your replies. Yes I still have English bank account Marisa. I go back to UK every year. Spent 5 months there last year as my mum was critically-ill. The reason we have to go back is to care for my mum who is 87. We nearly lost her last year bless her and she is practically house bound now. We love where we live on lake Hume victoria have most amazing views which we won't get in UK (rented) so no house to sell. I feel so guilty that my mum is struggling, her sight is failing too. I have 3 other siblings but it is always left to me. Hubby is going to stay on here and work so we have an income and eventually sell our cars etc. One day hopefully we will come back to Oz. My dog is my biggest worry. Thank you so much for your replies they have really helped x
  8. Wifey59

    Moving back to UK where do we start!

    Thank you so much verystormy. I will be staying with family to start until my hubby gets there. I will look into Dogtainers thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.
  9. After living in Australia for 12 years we need to move back to UK for family reasons. Where do I start I am so concerned for my dog who will be coming he is 12 but in good health. I Intend to go first and hubby will continue working until all is organised. I am stressing big time!