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  1. Originally hubby was the only one going but then he insisted for me to go along. We ended up updating my immi account to let them know the dates I'd be there.....no idea if that made my application any faster per se....and few days later I was requested to submit my police check.....one day after uploading it....voila! got the grant....it does not say Visa 309....it says Visa 100.....so only one email. I have seen others on here saying they got the 309 and shortly after the 100. I only got one email. We have sooooooo much to do when we get back from the short trip.
  2. VISA 100 granted today! soooooo happy!it says "for first entry arrive by Feb 14, 2019"i'm on an ETA next week heading off on a 10 day vacation with hubby to Australia.....can I activate my visa 100 then or do i still need to enter with the ETA?
  3. Why would I need to draw the CO's attention to the fact that I've been married for 15+ years to my husband when that is stated in the application itself in order to make sure I get considered for visa 100 from the 309? One would think they know how to add up the number of years a couple has been together to meet the criteria or am I wrong?
  4. thank you everyone for replying. Hubby contacted the embassy in Ottawa and was told to just upload to our existing file of dates we are traveling, flight info and file # on a word doc. That was done and I applied for the ETA visa which was granted right away. much appreciated everyone who took their time to post here. ;-)
  5. We applied for the visa 309 Nov 2017. Our file has not yet been opened by a CO. Reading that people on here have been granted their visas quite fast hubby called two weeks ago and was told there is a backlog and files have been sent to the Ottawa office to help out....I guess they have been farmed out from other jurisdictions. So we wait....and it's no biggy as we estimated the wait time to be 11-15 months....but it's hard not to get discouraged at times. Hubby is the Australian/Canadian citizen. He is flying to Australia next month and wants me to go with him. I'm Canadian citizen. Question.....I have read people get denied the temp/visitor visa while waiting for their visa 309. Others have said they had to let their CO know when they were flying into Australia even for a visit. so since if I go I have to apply for a ETA visa online.....and we don't have a CO assigned....who do we tell I'm going? how on my immi account do I give that info? Hubby is only going for 2 weeks and wants me to come along. I find it to be a hassle while I'm waiting for the 309. I just don't know how to go about letting a CO know I'm going when I don't have a CO assigned nor have they looked at the file as of yet. Speaking of the 309....last week I went to get my medicals just to get them out of the way....and yes I don't have a CO nor been asked to supply but getting time off work was easy last week....and not so easy from here on....anyhow....I noticed on my Health report that I printed to bring along to the doctor it didn't say Visa 309 but rather it said Visa 100. Has anyone seen that on their forms? I'm confused. I know we have been married for 15 + years...no kids....but not sure why it says visa 100 when we have applied for the 309. does this make sense to anyone? I'm just slightly puzzled. We have tried calling the embassy again but the darn line is always busy.....
  6. Labelling within a Movecube

    Just reading this thread. So you mean that any patio furniture can not be shipped to Australia?
  7. my husband and I both live in Canada. He is the Australian (sponsor) and we lodged the application from Canada. We contacted the Australian embassy in Canada and were told husband could lodge application even though he was not in Australia. hope this makes sense to you.
  8. Hi Everyone, My husband is Australian born but has lived in Canada all his life with the few vacation travels back to Oz (he has dual citizenship) and I'm Canadian. We have just lodged the 309/100 Partner visa. We are both in our late 40s. I'm sure this question has been asked many times over and I have searched the topic here but couldn't find anything related to our situation. We debate on whether hubby should move ahead of me in trying to find employment or do we just take the plunge and go together once my visa comes with no jobs. Although he is Australian by birth he does not have any work experience in Australia. All his education and work experience has been in Canada. Being that cost of living is higher in Melbourne/Sydney we are hoping to move to Brisbane. Plus he has a some relatives there that can house us for a week or two while be look for a rental. Sadly we don't have the option for him to take a leave from his work nor a transfer. We are hoping he can maybe connect with a few recruiters this coming March 2018 as he is planning on going to Australia for 3 weeks. I realize he won't find employment in that time frame but I'm hoping others can chime in on whether it is feasible for him to find employment even though he has no Australian experience. Yes, I realize most of you have moved with no Oz experience but I'm afraid that he will be at a disadvantage being that he does have the citizenship by birth. Am I making sense? We don't have children so the move only affects us both. The finances is what I'm more concerned about. We do have savings but don't want to drain them in such a short time. Can he find employment while still living in Canada? How much in demand are jobs in the management construction industry in Brisbane? Can we both find employment being that we are both in our late 40s? and lastly....will he find employment being that he has no Oz experience? Will he be discriminated being that he has the citizenship but not much knowledge of the Australian ways? does this make sense?....I may be over thinking this but I'm an accountant and tend to be picky about every detail.... thanks for reading!
  9. this is good info. too bad it's not made as a sticky at the top of the forum for all to read
  10. Australian House Price Growth

    @bristolman perhaps the one one is doing down in price due to it being brand new and from a builder, no? or maybe there are hidden costs that will end up being the original price of $529,9k just wondering. I don't quite understand the auction process but I'm sure we have time to figure it out. I really don't like that sort of set up as it is truly a bidding war....crazy!
  11. Australian House Price Growth

    For those that are planning on buying in the Brisbane area...and I'm no expert....just be careful not to over pay. I've been following for a few months the housing listings in and around the Brisbane area. I saw a house a few months back brand new and from the pictures looked really nice...it was listed for $529,900. I set up a notification on Domain properties. I then saw it a couple of months ago at $512,900. once again same house. Last night I saw it listed at $499,900! all in a span of 5 months give or take. has anyone noticed such drop in prices in the Brisbane area? For affordability reasons that is the area we are hoping to move. anyone has any thoughts on this? We won't be buying a house any time soon but we want to be informed on what is going on in Oz for future reference. Obviously things do change but it is good to plan.
  12. Issues on Immi Account

    we had issues as well. Hubby tried doing it from his work and couldn't get into immi account. We thought maybe his work had blocked access to that site. Then we tried the next day from the pc at home and couldn't get in. We thought it was our connection. And like you tried it with Chrome and Firefox. Then we tried later that night from the laptop with Firefox and it went thru. If we try to access the immi account from the pc we can't get in at all. I have no idea why even after we cleared the cookies. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
  13. Partner 309/100 Visa

    thank you so much Snifter!
  14. Snifter, thank you so much for answering. We did not submit (front loaded) anything. I read people saying it is best to wait until the CO requests them. Now as far as the interview goes....I'm no where near Ottawa (the default place on the offshore application)....do I have to travel to Ottawa or do they do phone interviews? I've seen others miss calls on the interviews. Are the interviews for high risk countries only? just a thought