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  1. Cegor

    packing sea container experience

    I take it then that I will be ok on my own :-) thank you
  2. the day is soon approaching for the movers to come to my house and start packing my belongings. The schedule I was given was : June 28 -they come and pack and June 29 -is loading up the sea container. For those that have gone thru this experience, can you please share them with me. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment dealing with decisions on my own as hubby is already in Oz and i'm still in Canada. On the day of the packing I was told they would send maybe 4 people to pack the house.....I live in a two story house with a basement so things/belongings are in three levels. Questions I'm pondering: is it a good idea to be by myself the day they come? or do I need to 'recruit' my in-laws to come keep me company that day? They can't do anything if my stuff is being packed by the movers. So for those that have gone thru the experience and chaos of it all....can you please share how it all unfolded the day of? My in-laws live about an 1 1/2 drive so I feel weird asking them for them to come just to sit and look if they can at all sit as the movers will be packing the couch etc. How did you do it? did you have relatives with you or were you on your own? plus they can't stay the night with me if I need them the next day....so means they would have to drive again the distance just to be here with me. I was told by the shipping company that they need to pack the belongings not me. To what extent can I pack some things ahead of time thus making sure the movers don't mess up? I have had to show my house as it will be rented out (we are still trying to find renters) so I take stuff out to check what needs to be de-clutter, binned, donated, to be sold, take.....then I have to put it all away once the property management guy tells me he has viewings for the house....so it's been pretty challenging keeping the house tidy. I'm feeling really overwhelmed by it all. My folks have been kind enough to come from another city to stay with me in this whole process but they do have their lives and so they're heading back tomorrow which means I will be by myself thru this whole move. My friends have their lives and work lives so I can't bother them to take time off to come be with me. Being that it will be Thursday and Friday. Is it ok for me to be on my own trying to manage the guys that will be packing my belongings? or being that there are 3 levels to the house (counting the basement) would I need help from in-laws? feeling down by it all..... HELP! ...would love to hear what others have experienced. sorry if i'm all over the map with my post. ps....I so admire those that moved with children and pets....I really don't know how you did it! but kudos to you all out there ?
  3. Cegor

    Pet Ashes when moving to Oz

    thank you everyone for your input. as it gets closer to my move I'm getting more concerned over the ashes. I have not moved them from their metal urns. I got to get their death certificates from the vet. I will take that with me on the same carry on as the ashes. I hope truly hope everything goes well. will update once the move is done....anticipating date of departure for me is between Jul 12-23......have not booked flight as of yet....as I need to deal with the aftermath of the sea container being packed and shipped at the end of June....plus selling stuff... will let you know how it goes
  4. Cegor

    Pet Ashes when moving to Oz

    I have searched each forum to see if I could find something related but no luck...and I hope this is the place to ask.... We are moving from Canada to Oz (actually hubby just left this afternoon ??and I get to stay behind to deal with the house, shipping, etc). I want to take both my cat and my dog's ashes with me. Is this possible? or do I leave them with my folks here in Canada? Their ashes are in brass urns each. So not wood to be of issue. I don't have a death certificate as they passed in 2012 and 2014. I have searched for that info but no luck and I doubt the vets keep such records after a while. Will I be allowed to have them with me on my carry on luggage? I prefer not to ship them in the sea container nor in the suitcases being checked in when I leave. Will it be possible to have them with me? Will their urns be open? have any of you who made the journey to Oz able to travel with your fur-kid's cremains? I realize this is a bad topic but they both mean a lot to me and would hate to leave them behind. did any of you make the journey to Oz with your pet's ashes?
  5. Cegor

    Can I take ......

    has anyone shipped a barbie (bbq) when they moved to Oz? We will be cleaning it to be spotless as that is an item that is fairly new and a shame to have to sell....it was not cheap by any means....so wondering if we can take in the sea container? we won't be shipping a propane tank....we know that's a big no no....plus our bbq is hooked up to the gas line of the house so has never needed a tank
  6. thank you Snifter. Here are the names of the companies but I can't find much more than one or two reviews online so my judgement is limited based on such little info on them. 6 companies that got back to me 1) Euro-Transport- quote given but can't send someone to view items. have not been able to locate online any reviews on them. mid range price. 2) Intra-Globe- quote given but can't send someone to view and can't find reviews or people bragging about them. Mid range price 3) Starline Overseas- quote given (pretty pricey), is able to send someone to the house and has good reviews online 4) Quality Move Management- seems to be a sister company of Allied International- quote given (pretty pricey) is able to send someone home and has good reviews based on Allied Int'l not so QMM 5) Europack- quote given, low end of all 6 quotes. guy was at our house last night. poor reviews found online. he mentioned Brytor when we were talking to him 6) Brytor International- quote given. able to come to house. not sure if same guy from Europack will come to the house. difference in price from Europack $1k roughly. has ok reviews online. but if it is the same guy as Europack so I gather they get contracted out....or do they work for different companies. I don't know if anyone out there has any feedback to give on these companies.
  7. we will try to get the company to send someone home but have the feeling might end up being the same guy that was here last nite!...with our luck thus far....wouldn't be far fetched
  8. 20 ft container. and yes, I thought so but worth a try posting on this forum in the event people from other parts of the world can chime in
  9. I realize this forum is mainly for UK citizens...but i'm gonna throw it out there in the hopes of getting help/guidance as i'm at a loss with how things have unfolded out our end when it comes to shipping companies and finding a 3rd party insurance company. total companies contacted = 6 (googled international shipping and filled out a form and I guess it got sent to the 6 companies who contacted me). companies that can't come to the house to see in person what we are shipping= 2 (so I guess these two are out) We decided to have one guy come to the house last night. Everything went ok but after he left I googled the reviews for his shipping company and they were NOT good. So i'm now in panic mode. He happened to mention his company also dealt with lo and behold the other company we were going to have come by (which has better reviews online)....so how does it all work? does one guy work for 3 different companies hoping to land the gig? We never mentioned to him we were scoping out other companies or having someone else come by..... I soooooo wished I could name the companies on here, it would make things much easier. 2 companies with good reviews are super expensive so we are at a loss of who to trust our belongings to and ultimately our money. So this is that for the shipping side. As per the insurance side....well I have not been able to find anyone local (be it in the city where I live or country wide) that can help me. I contacted one only to be told they only deal with big moves (as though my move wasn't ) meaning dealing with corporations only. I got asked if the move is personal or if my company is moving us. Seems if it's a company move they are sooooo willing to help I'm frustrated and flat out disappointed. I can't stop hubby's move as he is set to leave in 3 weeks to go to Sydney and I'm left to deal with this whole mess. From the purging, selling, packing and cleaning, renting the house, etc....I'm left to handle it all.......a week is now gone and we are no further ahead than we were before. Still no moving company and no insurance company..... this is a bit of a vent too.... Can anyone recommend a shipping company? are you able to name them on this forum? please pm me if possible. I'm truly having a melt down here....
  10. Cegor

    3rd party insurance

    thanks Pom Queen, I did ask but they couldn't help I'm still searching *sigh
  11. We are trying to still get quotes from shipping companies and I know we need to take a third party to insure our goods. Sadly we can not get Letton Percival as this is only for UK residents. I'm in Canada moving to Sydney. Whenever I google insurance companies it gives me DHL, FedEx, and the like for shipping goods. Of the 5 shipping companies we have contacted I have 2 quotes thus far and one company does not provide service in my City. So leaves me with 4 to decide pending if the other 2 can help. This is getting frustrating...... Can anyone suggest insurance companies that are able to help Canadians moving to Australia? I really would like to have 3rd party insurance not the shipper's insurance.
  12. Cegor

    temp to long term housing

    thank you everyone. I'm curious if it is the norm only to give you a quote via email rather than sending someone to the house to see the goods being shipped. I have contacted 5 shipping companies. Two of which told me they have no agents to send for in house quote. Seems odd that they can send someone to pick up the goods the day of shipping but can send someone to access the stuff. Waiting to hear from the other 3......seems it is not very common to have such moves from where I am hence the lack of agents from those big companies....getting a bit frustrated did you have to pay all $ upfront or a deposit then the rest upon them shipping?
  13. where do I start........we went on a 10 day vacation to Australia to activate my visa and hubby landed a job in Sydney. We came back to Canada and are in the process of dealing with the house, etc.I get to stay behind to deal with it all as he is moving to Sydney on May 20.....fast approaching...*yikes!we have been looking to Airbnb to get started and have yet to book the place. questions: how fast is the process of renting once you have found the place you want? ...reason for asking is, we see the Domain listings asking to book inspections.....how is this process from beginning to end? and time frame?can anyone shed light into this? We do not have any Australian rental history. it has been a long long time since we rented as we are property owners.....so i'm just wondering how the system works in Australia....tentatively the airbnb will be for 1 month....hoping this is sufficient time to find the long term rental.... also.....can I ship the goods without knowing where the permanent residence will be? I'm still trying to gather quotes from shipping companies. The only one company that sent quote so far was one that will not send someone in person to view the items being shipped and when I asked for delivery time frame I was told 8-12 weeks which seems rather long being that we are not as far as most on here shipping from the UK.....
  14. Cegor


    thank you for the info. I will continue my search and dig deep.....I tried the link but when I try entering the country just to fill in the info and get a quote...sadly it tells me "invalid country"....so perhaps it is not worldwide as I thought will keep searching
  15. Cegor


    I just got a quote from one company and when I asked if they would be sending someone to the house to see what is being shipped they said they can't. I have read on here that we must get someone to see the items being shipped to get a better quote. Is this normal for a company to now send someone to check? sorry if off topic a little bit.....insuring the goods with third party insurance I realize is a must....I see you guys promote Letton Percival but we are not in the UK and have googled to see what is available to Canadians with little luck...does anyone have any idea?