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  1. Dear All, My Family and I have recently moved here from Essex UK & have set up home within, The Ponds area just outside Kellyville. My partner is NVQ level 3 qualified in early years and is seeking a part time/casual position with ongoing on the job training to advance & change over her U.K. qualification to the Australian NSW equivalent. She has almost 8 years experience within this sector and is very keen to get back to work! Any recommendations or useful contacts will be highly appreciated. Kind Regards Tony
  2. A.Gordon


    My family & I are new here to Sydney & will soon be moving into our rental within, The Ponds area. Any recommendations for Broadband please inc best TV set up where il have access to Box sets/Films etc..?? Thanks in advance [emoji106]
  3. Application lodged for skilled 457 31/08/17. Additional info requested from my employer Oct 17, Additional info submitted Nov 17. Status is Assessment in progress from Dec 17 Moving over from the U.K, Currently been waiting almost 5 Months. Moving out in 3 weeks so my Tennant’s can move in [emoji51] I hope my case worker gets to it sooner rather than later!!!
  4. A.Gordon

    Banking / Transfers

    Thanks for the comments. Is Moneycorp a Bank or a company used for good transfer rates?? I’ve not heard of OFX, Will look into it. Thanks again [emoji106]
  5. A.Gordon

    Banking / Transfers

    Seeking advice about whom are best to bank with over in West Sydney & who to use for good transfer rates between U.K & Oz ?? (I’ve recently heard some horror stories about Transferwise and freezing transfers)
  6. A.Gordon

    457 - 2 Weeks!

    A fellow colleague received his visa today, His application was lodged 2 weeks ago! He was told 5-10 Months. There’s Hope yet People!
  7. A.Gordon

    Processing Time 457

    He was told 5-10 Months, Explain that one..
  8. A.Gordon

    Processing Time 457

    A friend of mine got his Family 457 Visa today From U.K moving to Sydney. Hi Company dealt with it all and lodged his application 2 weeks ago! There’s hope yet! He works on the Rail [emoji106]
  9. A.Gordon

    ETA visa whilst waiting for 457 to be approved

    Hi Shelley Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I live in Essex U.K. Have you had any news yet?
  10. A.Gordon

    Processing Time 457

    Really.. That’s Crap! I’m guessing it’s purely circumstantial for each application as some people get there’s a lot sooner than others which don’t make sense to me.. [emoji106]
  11. Is there a way of finding out what the processing times as of the 31/08/17 were for the related visa? I know now it states 5-10 Months but I’m sure it was 2-3 Months when our application was lodged. I’m hoping anytime now! Thanks Tony (Essex U.K)
  12. Was your application lodged using a, Migration Agent?
  13. Was this with the assistance of a, Migration Agent?
  14. A.Gordon

    457 Visa ETA

    Well that's a first, There are people on here that have been waiting since April! You must of been of some importance Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz