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  1. MATT818

    Tax on Uk rental income

    Hi Yes, have claimed the usual like my agents fee, maintenance and what i can claim. I just wondered how you go about claiming for depreciation on fixtures and fittings!
  2. MATT818

    Tax on Uk rental income

    Hi Looking for help! I have just done my tax return in Oz, and was wondering if anyone knew how i could possibly lower the amount of tax i pay next year on my rental income i get from my property back in the UK? I think i read, or heard you can claim depreciation on your property as your renting it out?! Might be wrong and just pay the extra tax on the income! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  3. Hi All I was wondering if anyone on here had shipped over a campervan? If so, how had was it, and did you have to do anything to bring the van up to Australian standards! I am a Australian Citizen and have been over here since 2009. I am thinking of going back to the UK to buy a van and do some touring around Europe for 12 months then ship the van back when i come back. Any advise would be much appreciated. Cheers Matt
  4. MATT818

    importing a vehicle

    Thank you
  5. MATT818

    importing a vehicle

    Hi All I'm sure this question has been asked before, but what is the process in importing a vehicle to Australia? I am in Australia, Brisbane and wish to import a camper van. Any advise would be much appreciated, and any companies to go through and how much! Cheers Matt
  6. Hi all. I have just moved to Springfield lakes, single guy! Wondering if there were anyone who fancied a meet up and a drink or two! Cheers Matt
  7. Hi Allen Sorry, only just seen your reply. No you never sent me ny details. Regards Matt
  8. Hi Alan I'm about to let my property out in the UK before i get to Oz. Not heard about this and what's it all about? Could you possibly Pm me. Sorry for jumping in on you post Ruth. Regards Matt
  9. MATT818

    consent to let!

    Hi all I'm after some advice! I'm moving over to oz, been offered a job, everything in place for me to go apart from what to do with my property in the uk! Do i sell or rent it out. For those on here who have a property still in the uk which they rent out, i was wondering if they got a consent to let from there mortgage company, or haven't told them! At the moment, i have a fixed mortgage which run's out at the end of the year, so have been looking to arrange a new fixed rate before i go! But not getting much joy, when i say, i'll be renting it out! As soon as i mention that, the rate goes up!! Thinking about not saying anything until i have had the new mortgage a while and then tell them i'm renting it out? Any advise would be much appreciated. Matt
  10. MATT818

    Uk pension transfer to oz pension

    Hi Andy Can you tell me which super's would accept a transfer from the uk? Maybe i will start a new super with one of these, so when im 55 i can do the transfer. Or would Sunsuper, by then accept a transfer! Thanks for the advise, and help. Regards Matt
  11. MATT818

    Uk pension transfer to oz pension

    Hi Andy Im 50 this year. I have a few old company pension in the uk. They are with Royal London,Equitable Life, Friends Life, and Zurich. My my super here is with Sunsuper. Matt
  12. Hi Was wondering if anyone on here has transferred a uk company pension into there oz company pension? If so, how hard was it to do? Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt