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  1. Rich Wayman

    Agent recommendations

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for recommendations of agents that can help me apply for my defacto visa? What agents (if any) have others used and can you give me some feedback on them and maybe the prices they charge? All help is greatly appreciated I'm Based in Adelaide
  2. Rich Wayman

    Applying for Defacto visa.

    Thanks so much for the reply Marisa. It does seem like a lot of hoops to jump through, have you applied for it yourself at anytime or know anyone who has? I've been told it's best to go through an agency to apply for this Visa.but they want like $4500 to help you apply, that's over $12,000 all in I've applied for all my previous visas on my.own including my TSS 482 and have never had any troubles. I'm guessing the trick is to just bury them in paperwork that prooves we've been together for two years. I will get new police.check from UK and Aus before applying and will be including all tenancy agreement, joint bills ect. Do you have to write a huge essay about how we met ect? Also, do I have to include pics.of us at events together like weddings and parties also pictures of us off on adventures together ect? I was told by an agency that Last year only 46% of people who applied without a agency helping them, failed and had to apply again, is this true.
  3. Hi everyone. So I'm currently here working in south Australia on a TSS 482 Visa after 2 previous WHV. I'm coming up to my third year in Australia and have been with my.aussie girlfriend for tnearly two years. We currently live together and rent a property. How difficult is it to apply for the defacto Visa for me? Is there a lot involved? It's a pricey visa at $7700 so I'm trying to gather information on it first. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Rich Wayman

    482 TSS to PR

    Thanks so much for your reply! I'm going to have a look into the 189 and 190 visa and also I'm going to message an agent for further advice. Thanks again
  5. Rich Wayman

    482 TSS to PR

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for some information as to where I stand on applying for permanent residency. I'll explain abit about my history below. So i started working as an Arborist in Adelaide, South Aus (for the company who now sponsor me) in October 2016 on my first working holiday Visa for 6 months. I was then granted my second working holiday Visa before working back with the company who now sponsor me for the final 6 months of that visa before they offered me a sponsorship. My current visa runs out in May 2020. Can I apply for PR if so, which visa would.i be able to apply for. It's getting confusing now I have 7 years experience in the industry
  6. So I've just been granted my second years working holiday visa and am wondering if I'm able to work for my employer who first employed me on my first years working holiday visa, if that makes sense? Basically I'm asking if the 6 months employment rule resets on the second years visa? Chasers guys and girls.
  7. Hello all, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me or help me with some information that I need due to the abolishment of the 457 visa. So, I'm on a first year working holiday visa (valid until 1st september 2017) and have been working ever since I got here, bar a month. I'm a qualified Arborist from England with nearly 5 years experience and am working in Adelaide. I was offered a sponsorship by my company but, a matter of days later, the 457 visa was abolished by the PM. Now, I know I can apply for a second years visa as afyer checking the Australian government website, Tree felling is classed as rural work and with me being in South Auz it seems to help... I need to verify this though if there are any other arborists on here in my situation. Also, I have heard of a Visa 190 which is valid in the northern territory and SA, am I able to apply for that or a skilled migrant visa. Any help would be much appreciated, I don't want to go home for good yet Thanks in advanced.