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  1. Liverpoolles

    Money transfer

    Any suggestions for the cheapest way to transfer £100,00 from UK to Australia?
  2. Liverpoolles

    UK Self assessment tax form

    Thanks Alan, I think I have PM'd you.
  3. Liverpoolles

    UK Self assessment tax form

    I am living in Oz but have property income in UK so have to complete a Self Assessment form. In UK I used to do this online but now have to download a form, complete it manually and post it to UK. Does anybody use a UK commercial software company to complete their self-assessment online and, if so, how much does it cost?
  4. My wife and I (both 66) have two daughters, both of whom are now citizens in Australia. We are living with one daughter in Melbourne and applied for contributory aged parent visas (864) a few months ago. We are quite confident we will be granted these visas, but due to the collapse of the pound, we will struggle to find the $90k to pay for them. We are not sure if we could swap to non-contributory aged parent (804), but if we could, can anyone advise what would be the disadvantages?