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  1. Ahhh that is plenty of time then. Good luck.
  2. Yes. During my interview they said approximately 6 month wait for Ceremony. My approval letter came though a week later and that also states six months. If you're applying in August you should be okay for the Australia Day ceremony!!
  3. Yeah. That is the way I read it too.
  4. When I applied it asks where you want to attend for your test and interview. Closest immigration office was Brisbane. But on one of the drop down boxes it asks for your local council for the ceremony which I selected Gold Coast (not entirely sure whether you could have picked either GC or Brisbane but my local council would be GC so I picked that one). I'll post on here for sure when I have the ceremony dates for this year.
  5. Thanks Nemesis. This is why I was hoping for an urgent Ceremony but I have been told this is not possible, although I have been told others have managed it.
  6. Thanks. We are not Citizens until we attend the Citizenship ceremony unfortunately.
  7. Thank you. Oh wow only 3 ceremonies a year?? Wish I'd chosen Brisbane now then as I've been told they have double this number. Good luck with your journey :wink:
  8. Hi, We have just been told our application for Australian Citizenship has been approved and now have to wait up to 6 months for the ceremony. I have just been accepted into University to complete my Masters and was really hoping to obtain an urgent ceremony to HECs my fees (I have been told by people that this is sometimes possible). We live on the Gold Coast. Can anyone please let me know if they have managed to do this and if so how. Oh and can anyone tell me how often the ceremonies are held on the Gold Coast too please. Thanks in advance!