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  1. Hi Cherries002, At NAB Migrant Banking we open bank accounts for Migrants who are moving to Australia to work & live there. If you Dad is coming to visit for a holiday, we won't be able to open an account for him. Your Dad will need to go to the following link to apply for a bank account before his arrival, once the application has been completed, the account will be opened within 3-5 working days. He will then receive a welcome letter with all the account details and the branh he needs to attend to have his identification meeting. I have included the link for you: All the best to your Dad on his travels to Australia. Regards, Migrant Banking Team
  2. Hi, Welcome to Australia, yes you will be required to provide an Australia address at your identification meeting. I suggest that you speak with the Banker at the time about this, you can provide the airbnb address in the interium and as soon as you have a new address, please inform the branch or you can contact the Customer Direct line on 13 22 65. All the best on your stay in Australia. Regards, Migrant Banking
  3. Hi Gareth and Beverley, You can contact Moneycorp about transfering funds to an Australian Bank account. I have also provided you with the link to our website page with information on how to open a bank account and other information on the account products you will find valuable to read. Please click on: best wishes on your travels. Kind regards, NAB Migrant Banking
  4. Hi, It will be advised for your Mum to visit one of our branches upon her arrival into Australia, as our online application will not accept the visitor visa. The branch will be able to assist you with all your queries and best advise you of your individual financial needs. All the best on your travels. Regards, NAB Migrant Banking
  5. Hi, You will need to go to one of our branches upon your arrival into Australia to speak with a Banker. Please ensure that you have a minimum of six month validity on your visa. All the best on your travels to Australia.