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  1. Hi Marisa Thank you for your reply and advise .I contacted Medicare again this morning regarding my card. Spoke to a young lady who was very helpful, she checked through my file, all good. She explained that there is currently a 12 weeks back log at the moment in processing. Anyhow she has put my card in the post. If anyone needing card renewal, best apply at least 6weeks before expiry. JohnJan
  2. Hi All Has anyone experienced problems getting a replacement Medicare Card. Mine ran out on the 5th of November I filled out the application form and posted it to the processing office on the 3rd of October. The new card still hasn’t arrived,I have contacted Medicare and have been told that my application is in process.And this can take between 2 to 3 Months to complete. I am in the 804 parent queue. When I first applied for Medicare.I received and was given a card with a duration of five years. When I applied to renew this,I was told that the new card would only last for 12 months which I thought was strange.We were advised to apply a month before the old one expired, because of processing times.I am not likely to to get residency because of the long wait times.So why not a Medicare card for a longer period. It seems to me that they have created more work for themselves, as if like me every one is applying every 12 months. This is now problem as how do I access the Medicare system without a current card. Best Regards JohnJan
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    Parent Queue Calculator

    Hi Palaceboy1 Thank you for that information.
  4. Jonjan

    Parent Queue Calculator

    Hi LindaH27 thank you for the info I hope at some point the calculator will reappear.
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    Parent Queue Calculator

    Hi Verystormy Yes I guess it would be best not to rely on this to be accurate. But it was nice to look at the progress of our Visa. The last date I was able to check the progress was April 2020. Since then the web site is temporarily unavailable. But how long is temporary, one wonders!!
  6. Hi all, regarding the 804 visa Queue, does anyone have any idea on when the Parent Queue Calculator is likely to accessible to view again.