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  1. Jackie123

    Visa Approved now where to start? What do we do first?

    I am a Veterinary Nurse and visa took 6 and a half months from application completion & payment to visa grant. The whole process from skill assessment to completion probably took me about 17 months. Had I used an agent it may have taken less time, maybe!
  2. Hello, myself and my partner will be arriving in Adelaide in the next couple of weeks and our work accommodation has fallen through. So we are seeking a short term rental (ideally furnished) within commuting distance to Roseworthy. We are a hardworking, friendly, quiet couple from a farming background. Happy to house share etc. Any suggestions greatfully received. Thanks in advance!
  3. Jackie123

    Visa Approved now where to start? What do we do first?

    Thank you both for your advise, very much appreciated!!
  4. Our 489 Visa has been granted, Yippee! And I have secured a job north of Adelaide, starting in 6 weeks. So I'm going into panic mode - what do I do first? What can I do from the UK to be more prepared when we arrive? Who would you recommend banking with? Getting health insurance through? I will need to buy a car (not worried about it being anything too special but reliable) - we have clean UK full driving licenses will this be OK? I've heard people recommend getting proof of no claims bonus for car insurance for the UK, so I'm guessing this can carry over in a way? Am I right in thinking we cannot get our TFN until we are on Australian soil? We are hoping to have some temporary accommodation through my work when we first arrive, however will need to rent somewhere for a while - do we need references etc. for this? We don't plan on bringing too much with us so looking at Move cubes and trying to sell/give away various items we are definitely not bringing. The dogs have had their moving plans organised and in motion. Any advice will be greatly received! Thanks!
  5. Jackie123

    EOI Advice re:relationship status

    I am about to submit my EOI for a Skilled Regional (provisional) 489 visa and plan to include my partner on the application. I have been with my partner for over 10 years (living together) and we have been engaged for almost 4 and a half years. We haven't set a date for getting married so would I claim our relationship as 'defacto?' I'm just worried that they will think I'm conflicting myself by putting 'engaged' on my relationship status if I can only include him as a 'defacto' partner if we get invited. Does that make sense? Can he be my fiancee and defacto partner? as that is what he is! am I just overcomplicating things? Hope that makes sense! Thanks
  6. Jackie123

    Statement of Service question

    Simple and brilliant, thank you flatpack for that suggestion!
  7. Jackie123

    Statement of Service question

    Hi, I am just starting to gather evidence for my skills assessment with vetassess and I have asked my employer for a statement of service. The hr manager at my company has not done one of these before so I gave them the relevant criteria to work with. They came back to me with a statement containing most of the relevant information (I have been in 3 different roles within the company and these were all listed with relevant dates) however rather than listing my main roles they attached my current job description - would this be OK? Or do the main roles have to be included in the statement? Any advice great fully received, thank you!