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    Hi guys. I am on PR in Australia and intend to bring my future wife to Australia. She is a fresh MBBS doctor. I have a few queries: 1) Which visa do you guys suggest I should use to move her to australia when we are married? 2) How much overseas experience is required to find a supervised training in australia? 3) Should I encourage her to complete her house job first (1 year overseas on-job training) and then move to Australia so as to increase her experience? 4) As you are aware, that she will need to give AMC too. So what visa should I use to bring her to Australia keeping in view that she will be a spouse of PR? 5) Will clearing AMC part 1 and 2 exam assist in getting a job? Need your guidance guys. I am an engineer and dont know much about medical processes. Your guidance will be highly appreciated. I am looking for the best and cheapest route to bring her to australia. BR, Akbar