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  1. gambale

    Uk holiday travel

    Perfect thanks!
  2. gambale

    Uk holiday travel

    Hi all. Possibly answering my own question... but just wanted to check. We are visiting family in the Uk for the first time later this year since migrating (last year)... We are here in oz on my 189 PR visa. Is there anything I need to do regards to visas for travelling in either direction? Assuming I don't need to have anything in place for travelling back to the Uk given we are citizens... and for returning to oz... we wont need a returning resident visa or anything like that as my 189 has a current travel facility. Right? Thanks in advance!
  3. We're staying at Brisbane Holiday Village... you are right I could ask them, although we've only been here a week Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely put together a covering letter.
  4. That's a good idea, thanks. I'll drop them an email. Cheers
  5. Hey all. So we arrived in Brisbane and are now trying to find a rental. We haven't applied for any yet but have viewings lined up over the coming days. As I understand it there is a big emphasis on references during the application process. However, we've been home owners for about 10 years in the UK and therefore have no references to offer. Has anyone been in a similar position and/or can give any advice? As always, thanks in advance!
  6. gambale

    Leasing a Car

    Has anyone had any experience leasing a car as a new arrival in Oz? I'm a heading to Brisbane this month and really don't like the idea of buying a banger to get us going as even rubbish cars seem crazy expensive... I know this is probably just like trying to get a loan right as you step off the plane... but i have a job lined up so would have some backing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers!
  7. gambale

    Credit references??

    Thanks for the response, sounds good to me
  8. gambale

    Credit references??

    Hey all. I'm researching supporting documents that I need to take with me when we fly out at the end of Jan. I've read on various checklists online that I should request "credit references" from my bank and mortgage lender. Before I go trying to source these... what exactly would these help with? Applying for rental etc? In case relevant, I have a job secured already and plan to find a long term rental within the first few weeks. Cheers!
  9. Hey all, So I've got my visa's, secured a job, booked flights and heading out in January with the wife and kids. I was hoping for some advice... We want to rent initially. However I'm a little confused. My understanding is that we will need to book some temporary accommodation (holiday let) for when we arrive before finding a long term rental... and I need to get that sorted now! But my question is, how long should we book the temporary accommodation for? I don't want to waste all that money if I can rent quickly.. but I'm also reading online that when renting you need 3 months payslips?? Any advice would be really appreciated!
  10. Great advice thanks! I've enabled that feature on LinkedIn and I've also checked out Glassdoor... some really great info there about the companies as well as jobs. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Interesting, didn't know the address was taken out... so i guess that solves that issue. The Oz mobile number... wouldn't that kinda appear like I was pretending to be in the country? And if I got a call waking me in the night... that would be a bit awkward? Maybe a non-issue as if they actually read my CV they'd see I was currently employed in the UK anyways. So i take it you can buy an Oz number that redirects to a UK number then? I googled it but the sites I found looked a bit dodgy.
  12. Hey all. I've read various conflicting opinions online and wanted to ask a couple specific questions about applying for work from overseas... just to see your experiences... I've got my 189 visa granted and i'm starting my job search in Brisbane. I'm in the UK at the moment and was hoping to at least line up some skype/phone interviews before heading over. I'm a software engineer/team lead btw. 1) Given i'm still in the UK I have no Australian address to put on my CV... is this going to work against me? 2) I've read conflicting opinions about mentioning something like "Visa status: Permanent Residency Granted" on the Resume and/or covering letter... but i think it makes sense? My concern is trying to avoid any risk of my Resume getting binned straight away. Cheers!
  13. gambale

    Best way to make the move?

    Thanks all for taking the time to reply, you've really got us thinking! One of our main concerns was ensuring we try and provide a stress free (as possible) environment for the kids... if i went over first, the plan would have been for me to come back to the UK and head right back over with my wife and kids as they couldn't do that journey by themselves. The way i see it: Go alone: If i went alone for a month first I could organize a rental (we would buy asap but ultimately depends on finances/success of the move) and settle on a suburb, visit schools, search for work and all the other things. Having the freedom to do all this without worrying about my family at the same time is appealing. But... although my wife says "as long as I can see photos..." etc I feel like the whole success of our new start in life rests on my shoulders... from having to secure that job to choosing the right suburb and the right house and school all alone... within a month... sounds like a huge pressure that introduces a lot of risk to the success of the move. Although you could argue good planning and research might reduce that. All go together: So the obvious benefits I see here are, as many of you have said, we are in this together and can make all the decisions together in person. Perhaps we need to slow down a bit a take the time when we get there once booked into in temp accommodation to find the right area and schools etc... But our concern here is that its a lot of pressure and even more unsettling for the children going into temp accommodation to a rental then (hopefully) a bought house. Still undecided but plenty to think about. Thanks for you opinions!
  14. gambale

    Best way to make the move?

    Hey everyone, I am hoping some of you would be willing to share your experiences in relation to your arrival and initial set up in Australia. I have a wife and 2 young children (7 and 2 years old) and we are planning to move to Brisbane area (still researching where!). I'm currently working with my migration agent on a 189 visa application with a nominated skill of Software Engineer. We are hoping, all being well, that we can move out next year. I'm really interested in how people have made this move that were/are in a similar situation to ours. More specifically, I need to try and minimise the stress for my wife and kids so I am considering heading out perhaps a month ahead on my own, stay in some basic accommodation and try to secure a suitable rental and hopefully make some progress job hunting (although I'm not currently sure what is realistic to expect when searching for software jobs in Brisbane). We are planning to travel light and do this whole thing with a modest budget so this additional trip would impact the overall cost. So has anyone else taken this approach, is it worth it? Any advice or experience shared is greatly appreciated! Thanks!