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  1. Hello, Family is coming to visit me and the Mrs in mid January and we would like to rent a 3 bedroom accommodation for around 3-4 weeks... anyone have this or know where to look
  2. Jamiemadden7

    Practitioner / Professional

    Hello, I have spoken with the place which I completed my level 6 Diploma with and they sent me some documentation on my qualification saying it is accepted as Practicioner Level and not professional. (Field of study is Health and Safety) Would this allow me to work as an advisor / coordinator and not a manager? sorry if the question sounds a little silly.
  3. Jamiemadden7

    Backpacker Discounts - YHA

    I used it tonight in a shop in Freo and they given me 15% off so anyone who has one, certainly ask everywhere
  4. Hello, Gathering there will be a huge number of these posts but cannot find one for area which I am looking at. looking for farm work around the dunsborough area so trying to gather together email addresses and numbers of possible reliable farms to gain the extra visa. Thanks in advance
  5. Jamiemadden7

    First stop Perth!

    Hello All, Thank you for your comments and advice it has been greatly appreciated! I thought I would update use as some asked for. I stayed in Billabong, Perth for 10 Night, thoughts are that Kings park is so beautiful, the city is amazing and the cost isn't as bad as I though (currently getting $1.75 to the £1 and gathering that it's gone up as 30 days ago it was $1.61. Nowiam staying in Fremantle Prison YHA and have done the Tours (highly recommended) and also have my tickets for Rottnest Island, love the Fremantle area, being close to docks and smaller area is more homely for me though so gather that might be why! Next week I will slowly move down to Dunsborough and hopefully look for some farm work through the colder months to get my next VISA in place ready and start to enjoy myself for the summer not having to worry!
  6. Jamiemadden7

    Backpacker Discounts - YHA

    Hello, been in Australia for just over two weeks and stayed the first 10 nights in Perth (Billabong) last week I came to Fremantle and currently staying in YHA Prison Hostel. When I arrived I joined YHA as joining fee ended up saving me money on my stay, but since then I have saved over $30 on Rottnest Island and $20 on the Prison Tours (with there being two of us that's a $100 saving in a week) I was just wondering if anyone else has been using this to their advantage and if they have where? Gathering it could save us all some money over the space of the year or two travelling.
  7. Jamiemadden7


    Hello, Coming on WHV on 28th April, Currently I have 10 nights booked in Perth (Billabong Backpackers) and 14 nights booked in Fremantle (YHA Prison), Is there any other places close by that would be a good spot for backpacker jobs / things to do & see around the perth area? Was thinking Bunbury way (visited their a few years ago) and also a hour or two north of Perth? Advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Jamiemadden7

    First stop Perth!

    Apologies i have been away for a little bit! The prison is partly a YHA Hostel, if you google it you will see the pictures... The womens wing has been renovated and looks brilliant!
  9. Jamiemadden7


    Hello, Coming over for the year (hopefully 2) on a WHV in 2 weeks time.. How did you go about getting insurance? Is there much difference between Annual Insurance Vs Backpacker insurance? The price difference is massive, however, i thought that Annual Insurance would be fine? Thanks in advance
  10. Jamiemadden7

    First stop Perth!

    Hello Coming over on a WHV with the Mrs next month (29th April). We are staying for 10 nights in the Billabong hostel then over for 14 nights in Fremantle prison. Do you have any tips? Would be looking to gain 2nd year visa at earliest chance what to pack and not to pack? any mistakes or things to watch out for? places to see around Perth? Thanks in advance
  11. Jamiemadden7


    1000 US sorry, I've always been away on All-Inclusive holidays so the spending money side to me is difficult to work out haha! I'm not a big restaurant sit down eater, I'm happy grabbing a burger and walking about.
  12. Jamiemadden7


    I've paid for tickets upfront and if i decide to go with the Lynx, I'm thinking about taking $1,000 for the 2 weeks, which will be food and lynx, anything left over I'll treat myself
  13. Jamiemadden7


    Thank you for that, the parks which I have booked are Disney and Universal (with Halloween Horror Nights), although thinking about adding Sealife, Aquatica and Busch Gardens on for 95 pounds, A little unsure on how much spending money to take also, not a massive eater and happy with fast food etc for the 2 weeks.
  14. Jamiemadden7


    Is it just restaurants that you tip? or do they expect it in fast food outlets etc?
  15. Jamiemadden7


    Sat-Nav is included, i made sure of that Been looking at the prices of food etc over there, cannot believe how cheap it actually is