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    Secondary Teaching Question

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I have a couple of questions that I'm finding tricky to find answers to that are applicable to my specifics. So I've been working my behind off for the past, at least, 2 years: working and studying full time, aiming to be a secondary teacher, with the goal of the Australian dream. I'm currently studying History through the Open University, averaging 2:1, and hope to complete this next summer (2016). I am planning on applying for admission into a PGDE Secondary History course for that year, so if all goes well I will complete that in Summer 2017. I will have: BA (Hons) History degree (3 years) PGDE Secondary History (1 year) Do I need work experience to apply for 189 visa? Could I, in theory, apply as soon as I have those precious, hard fought for, blood sweat and tear soaked pieces of paper, and still have the chance of being granted a 189 visa as a Secondary Teacher? Thank you for any and every piece of advice, even if it's direction-pointing! I hope you all are having a lovely evening! Please understand that I do know that there is the very good chance that Secondary teacher will be taken off the list at any moment, however if that is so, then at least I'm qualified to teach here in the UK, and I'll just have to be creative for a chance of living and working in Australia in the future :cute: