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  1. Hi there - after becoming an Australian Citizen I am trying to apply for an Australian passport on-line. One of the questions asked is if I have changed my name since birth, which I have by marriage, but the problem is they want proof and they say they don't accept foreign documents. How do I proceed?
  2. romay

    Contributory Aged Parent Visa

    Many thanks for that - we won't be going down that route!!
  3. romay

    Contributory Aged Parent Visa

    Hi, please can somebody advise - We are hoping to emigrate to Oz in September on an contributory aged parent visa. Our migration expert has recommended that we travel across on a 3 month temporary visa and when we arrive he will then submit our paperwork to Perth for the main visa. What we are concerned about is when we arrive on a one way ticket, immigration may question us as to why we are only travelling one way. Our migration expert has advised that this is perfectly legal and once he lodges the papers we will automatically be given a bridging visa until our visa comes through. Has anyone else gone down this route and if so, were there any problems? Any advice would be most appreciated.
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    Many thanks for helpful responses.
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    We are hoping to immigrate to Brisbane in Sept/Oct 2015. What we need to know is whether to leave our private pensions in the UK - they are not in payment until July - or should we transfer them to Oz. We are worried about being taxed twice (if we leave them here and are taxed by HM tax office and then we get taxed again in Oz. Any advise would be most appreciated - very confused at present!! Many thanks:arghh::arghh:
  6. romay

    Driving in Brisbane

    Hi there Many thanks for your reply which is most helpful. Romay
  7. romay

    Driving in Brisbane

    Hi We are hoping to move to Brisbane around August/September this year and have been told conflicting info about driving in Brisbane. We are aged 63 and 65 and would like to know if we need to take a driving test or will our UK licenses just need to be changed to Aussie ones. Many thanks in advance. Romay