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  1. Hi everyone,...5 to 10 square meters available in my container leaving April 6th felixstowe to perth,...contact me if interested
  2. Buzz me it will be leaving from felixstowe can you get it to there or do you want it picking up..what's your best quote on it.....I will speek to my agent.... Mat.. 07478255368
  3. Seakargo shipping agents...There looking for people as well as my self..I'm sure we will find someone within the next 6 weeks..I hope so.?
  4. Hi I'm taking my camper over in a high cube 40 ft long container...everything I need will be in my van so there is well over half the container available at less than 1000 pounds. My shipping agent will organise all your paperwork so no stress or risk for any of us... Seems a waste of space so I'm trying to fill it and half my costs..contact me and I will fill you in with all the details and give you my shipping company's details...thanks.Mat disley...
  5. heather2014

    40ft High Cube - Costs to Melbourne

    hi tom, mat here im moving from uk to Perth march 10th ive got a 40ft high cube all that is going in it is my high roof Merc sprinter campervan the other half of container is empty cost from port to port is 1300 pound with seakargo uk,.
  6. heather2014

    Cost of half a container :(

    Try seakargo UK. ..There the cheapest I found so far after months of research...
  7. heather2014

    Campervan exporting/uk to perth

    Hi Mt. ..just a quick one, I can fit my sprinter into a high cube container if I take mirrors off and air out of tyres drop it 50 mil will go in a 40ft container it's 12 mtrs long and will be half empty as everything I need will be in the van.....do u want to consider the other half of the container or are you not shipping to Perth. ...I expect my van will be loaded beginning March. .. If not any one else wishing to share a huge container...6 mtrs long and 2.6 high is all yours....just half the cost with me which is only 1300 pounds.....
  8. heather2014

    car exporting

    Hi Richard, pommymat mat herein exporting my camper over mid march to Perth, I love reading the forums I been in oz 16 yrs and back in UK 15 months, I see your quad is granted did you know there illegal on the roads there unlike UK. I have friends with them on farms there amazed that we can use them on UK roads without helmets. Not sure if you knew.. cheers buddy
  9. heather2014

    Campervan exporting/uk to perth

    Hi Mt. ... I got a company who sent me email confirmation saying goods can be packed but not insured....as I expected..I will just label every sealed box as old work clothes hopefully to deter any prying eyes, 1100 port to port only...With seakargo UK. .. email....skg@seakargo.com Andy green is the guy to deal with if interested or Google them......best deal I have found so far. And I'm having everything in writing and taking pictures to of the van loaded and a small video too with my phone incase of damage or boxes missing etc....
  10. heather2014

    Campervan exporting/uk to perth

    I did but my van is too high at 2.3 mtr...so won't even go in a high cube container I been told.......shame that the crew of these boats are stealing our goods while there at sea bored that's the whole reason we can't take goods the shipping companies have been inundated with claims of things missing while at sea, Shane on the crew I say. Makes it less attractive for us returning poms
  11. heather2014

    Campervan exporting/uk to perth

    1.5 yrs I meant,.....wish it was only 1.5 hours I had been in uk....ha ha
  12. Hi,...Im exporting my campervan from uk to perth mid March I'm struggling to find a roro shipping company who will allow personal effects inside my vehicle can anyone suggest a roro company,.... My via was approved and this is my second campervan fit out I've done so I know the rules n regs in oz especially in Perth, so I designed this van around ozzy regs so I have less to do when it arrives, customs will value it based on a uk vehicle that needs modifying etc, keeps the value low,....then soon as it's out the yard in my yard so I can do what's needed before it goes over the pits in welsh pool to be examined,..... I have had campers before and also know the process involved in getting the documents changed from van to campervan, I'm glad I got this knowledge as fitting this van out was easier as I will have less to do when it arrives in oz. Does any one know if I have to change the dash clocks from miles to KS, ..I think I do,.....not 100 percent sure though,.....I know place in Leeds that does the faces for 50 pound,..but I won't do it till its been valued on the dock. same as all the rust spots I've dug them all out and red oxide them so customs can see its in need of full respray.....then when its in my yard will take me one day to finish, got to try keep the dock valuation down,. Any way hope to see some other successful campervan owners out there who managed to get there beloved van out,....been in uk 1.5 hrs now looking forward to getting back to Perth and marg river,.... And meeting new campervan lovers like me,. Ps. I sell captain seats for vans and also install gps trackers with a app on your phone if anyone is interested both here in uk and oz,... Pommymat.