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    189 visa lodged August 2014

    hey guys, just a quick question, so CO will review the app and he/she will mainly focus on our EOI points breakdown and the application for point test to grant our visa, right??? I was told that form 80 is not mandatory and some people got visa grant without submitting it. Is it true??? Honestly, last year, after submitting my case to Migration Review Tribunal for a student visa review, my bridging visa A was changed directly into bridging visa C which did not allow anyone to work in Aus. I did not know about that, my **** lawyer did not tell me about that. So in the end , I was working without knowing I was not allowed to work when holding bridging visa C. I only knew it when my workplace manager notified me about that when they checked our visa annually. So i quit the job immediately after that. In general, I worked when holding bridging visa C for two months. Now I got my new reliable lawyer (I checked his MRN on Immi website). I told them everything about the past and provided him all sorts of evidence and info regarding the story I have just mentioned above. He said to me that on the form 80, he advised me to tell the truth about the period of time that I worked.. and all kinds of visas I held in the past. Just tell the truth. And he explained that because my work exp was below 1 year exp, so I could not claim the points for work exp. 65 points I had belong to other factors such as ietls, aus qualifications, age....etc. So he said, to grant a 189 visa, Immi will have a look at EOI points break down and review all supporting evidence that I have provided and see if that is all enough to claim 65 points or not. And because on EOI points break down, there was no points for work exp, so he said I do not need to worry about what happened above. He said I was on the right track. But somehow, that story about bridging visa C and the period of time I worked when holding C visa keep haunting my mind. I have been so worried about it these days... Will it affect my 189 application?? I do know I got the answer from my agent but just cannot calm myself down. I think I am drowning in stress now. Please give me some viewpoints of your. Thank you so much