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    Springfield lake & North Lakes

    Hi I moving to Slakes in couple of weeks and am looking fir new buddies,I am a clinical Nurse Consultant (mental health) ,really like to meet up with any takers,this our second year here but lived In Tamworth ,so really looking forward to been back in it.
  2. retty1968

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi, I did a degree in MH nursing,I did about the same so shouldn't worry…..THE AHPRA is only valid for one year and actually when you arrive you show all the paperwork again and then a few days later they send you an emails saying all done….My AHPRA took 9 months !! so apply asap….Make sure you get confirmation of hours also so you can prove how many years you've worked,as they pay del on years so if you've been qual 10 years but only worked part time they'll only pay you at level 5,so be warned…..Good luck its so worth it….
  3. retty1968

    Feeling lonely in need of buddies

    Hey, I am also a nurse, I am moving to SL in two weeks, we moved from the Uk last year and like you my job was awful,lets hook up - pm me !!