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  1. Good day peeps. Any advice welcomed, not sure which thread I should post this one on. We bought our new car and collected it yesterday. Paid the 'drive away' price which includes compulsary 3rd party insurance. Before we collected it I purchased the fully comprehesive insurance with Allianz costing over $500. I noticed in the car manual pack, the 3rd party insurance receipt included costing us almost $400. Are we able to cancel the 3rd party policy and get our money back since we already now have a fully comp one? It does not mention anything on that piece of paper any cool off period. Thanks in advance.
  2. eggy76

    Doctors' thread

    Hello Archlever, Welcome! Me and partner arrived in NSW about 3 weeks ago after a slightly eventful issues with AHPRA - though all sorted at the end thankfully. I don't think you need to wait for AHPRA's approval to start your visa application process, though I went 'by the book' in case at any point we got rejected and lose our money (bit pessimistic I know..). Not sure about other's experiences but I applied mine in order they suggested on the AMC website, ie: 1) Applied to AMC (who automatically directed to RACGP) in March, granted FAEG FRACGP - took about 6 weeks 2) Sent sets of documents to AHPRA in June - granted after about 6 weeks but to our panic we were told we have to register in person within 3 months or we have to go through whole process again. No where in the official websites mentioned about the 3 months timeline at all ( we are aware of the RACGP/AMC 6 months thing). I have not even given my notice to quit work yet as was told not to do so until visa granted! (which makes sense). Anyways managed to get AHPRA to extend it for further 6 weeks. 3) Started applying for 457 visa soon after AHPRA granted, only to find out my employer has not even got their business sponsorship sorted out yet (!), so could not proceed online application without TRN number. So do check your prospective employer already has at least the TRN number when you started the process. It took 6 weeks to get the sponsorhip approved (TRN number do come much earlier though so you could start the process while employer is applying). I contacted AHPRA whilst awaiting our visa 2 weeks before the end of October deadline explaining the possible delay with the visa - got a response asking how long extension I needed for- replied then heard nothing. Passed deadline date I rung again and spoke to some guy in AHPRA who told me that further extension is not likely possible and I have to go through the whole process again! I explained that the only thing holding was the visa which is out of my control, and to my dismay AHPRA could have responded to me sooner after my last email. *grunts* Nevertheless the same night, at 2am we got emails stated visa granted finally (took just over 7 weeks from when we lodged the application), so a long essay of email sent to AHPRA begging for further extension so we can finally book our flights, get the house rental in order etc - granted (the lady in AHPRA who has been on the case is pretty helpful I must say). So we flew out 2 weeks after. And celebrated our first Xmas and New Year in the sun! Good luck. PM me if anything you may wish to know further.
  3. Thanks Jack91. That's useful to know.
  4. Hello peeps. Have lodged my side of 457 application after an agonising wait for TRN number from sponsor - had not realised they had not even got a sponsor status until I have completed everything for the skills assessment :arghh:! Not impressed to say the least. Only got 9 weeks left before I have to register in person at AHPRA so panic mode definitely on. Rant over. In preparation, am wondering if you lot have any recommendation on which one to choose for visa medicals (particularly one with quick turnaround time??). We are in Cambridgeshire so closest would be London/Essex ( Knightsbridge or Spire Brentwood), or Birmingham (Handsworth or Spire Little Aston). What would be the expected turnaround results from the medicals, do any of you know? Had read some issues with one in Birmingham in another forum (apparently very slow with miscommunications etc). We don't mind paying more as long as we don't have to play the unnecessary waiting game again. Thanks in advance for any reply x
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    Doctors' thread

    just wanted to say welcome and wish you good luck! I am on the stage of visa application now, did/doing it all ourselves without any agent though I already got a job offer beforehand. We went out to NSW Australia (we had GP friends and other medical friends out there) for 2 weeks to check out the place last year and decided it was perfect for us and looked no further. More than happy to help if anything you wish to know/clarify because it can be a whole lot of information to digest on the web!
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    Doctors' thread

    I meant liberating, god can't even spell! Good luck Janh hope all goes great for you. We will regret things we don't do, so as you say, let's do this!:yes:
  7. Thanks all really appreciate the advice. We never had joint accounts (like Pumpkin, we just never bothered. . This is awesome advice KerryGold, it didn't cross my mind. We are coming on subclass 457 and possibly looking at PR application in 2 years. Joint account it is :smile:, and will possibly consider opening separate accounts later should the need arise.
  8. eggy76

    Women ONLY Thread

    I packed 32 packs of assorted Always sanitary pads today to ship. And hubby decided to p*ss me off by saying '"you sure the Aussie customs won't think you are going trying and sell them on ebay?". If they get confiscated, it will definitely set off my PMT.:arghh:
  9. Just wondering what most couples decide on opening joint bank accounts before you migrate. We are unsure if there would be any unforeseen issues or pitfalls opening a joint bank account to start with before migrating? We are both flying out the same time so no issues presenting our details when we get there. I wanted to make sure that the other half can access money easily without having to use my cards etc (and as much as I love him, grocery shopping everytime together can be a real drag..). Or would it be best to open 2 separate accounts, bearing in mind we will be dependent on my income at least the first few months before he gets a job - would there be costs transferring some money to his account (same bank - we are considering NAB)? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.:confused:
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    Doctors' thread

    Hi all, a newbie here and also decided to take the plunge. GP moving to NSW, just got AHPRA approved but slightly annoyed as they gave me less than 3 months to register in person in Sydney (didn't see that coming and now panic mode!). And as I am pretty certain with most of you, we needed 3 months notice to resign from current job. Not sure how long you guys were given the lee-way. Perhaps record numbers of applicants this year I wonder?? Anyways, managed to persuade AHPRA to extend a little bit longer so cannot complain. Sooo deliberating handing in resignation though :-D this week.