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  1. s1234

    417 visa

    Thank so much for the reply. My son also ended up getting his WHV without having to provide documents, within a few minutes of applying. Thanks for all your help. ?
  2. s1234

    417 visa

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, that's all a great help. He passes all of the requirements, so it's just the documents to get notarised. I'll have a chat with an attorney here then, and get his birth certificate posted out. I'll also check out the website you suggested and go to our bank. Thank you again.
  3. s1234

    417 visa

    Hi, can anyone help with these questions?
  4. s1234

    417 visa

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help/advice. My son (23) is planning to go to Australia in September/October. We're from the U.K. originally, but he's currently visiting us in the USA, we now live here, but my sons main residence is still in the U.K. Ideally he would travel from the USA directly to Australia. So what I'd like to know is, do you need to be in the U.K. to apply? Also having looked at the documents needed, it's saying that his passport and birth certificate need to be certified? I have the original birth certificate but it is back in the U.K. I could get them sent here if necessary. But I do have PDF copies, but they aren't certified! Who could certify his passport whilst in the USA, or does it need to be a U.K. ? Sorry for the long post, any help would be great. Thanks.
  5. s1234


    Hello, thanks again for your kind words and helpful advice.I will get in touch with UK Bankruptcy from abroad, for their advice also. As suggested. I've looked at the school fees for the 457 and it's between 4-6k per year, which is good to know as we need to plan for everything before taking the plunge. As it stands even if we stay over in the UK, we may have to go bankrupt anyway, so mortgage will not be an option wherever we are. We've got quite a bit if family who've been living in oz for 20years who are also offering support to settle over there etc. But we're just very scared of visa consequences for going bankrupt or being bankrupt! We will try to move in the right direction, and work towards a brighter future.
  6. s1234


    Hi, thank you both for your replies. At the moment we haven't started any bankruptcy proceedings, we spoke to a financial advisor who said we should apply for bankruptcy due to our debt and circumstances. No creditor has filed a bankruptcy order. At the moment we want to get as much advice as possible as to which way to go. The last thing we would want is to finally get there and then the bankruptcy affect us in a way we didn't know. We wNt to explore all the avenues before deciding. And as you rightly pointed out, the costs once we get there. A house would be provided for the first 6 months, but obviously we need to be able to support ourselves before and after that. I will look at the school fees, as that I definitely wasn't aware of that cost potentially.
  7. s1234


    Hello, I'm new to the forum and feel a little nervous about asking questions regarding bankruptcy. Unfortunately my partner lost a large sum of money 4 years ago having been let down by his business partners, this was where he'd invested money for 10 years, this had a huge affect on him a this was his savings for later in life. We moved forward and started a family, then we had another set back after he suffered an injury which stopped him from doing his profession if 20 years. This had a massive affect and we fell behind on mortgage payments, and recently had our house repossessed, leaving us with a debt (in his name) of 90k. To say we've aged in this time is an understatement. The advice we've received is to go bankrupt, but this isn't something we've ever felt easy about. Now comes the dilemma, he's been offered to go to Australia and a job found for him, this is a temporary visa (457 I think). But how would bankruptcy affect the visa application( if we went down that route)? Or if we come over, then he goes bankrupt in uk from Oz, do we get asked to leave? Really any advice would be greatly appreciated with regards to bankruptcy. We are an honest hard working family, never received benefits of any kind, but we have had a desperately tough 4 years, due to unforeseen circumstances. We both love Australia, and have both spent plenty time there, so know we are serious about making a new start there.