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  1. Raymund

    BAS vs TAX agent

    Thanks for the information.
  2. Raymund

    BAS vs TAX agent

    Hi, does anyone knows the scope of work or difference between BAS and TAX agent. And which one has less requirement for training, courses or certification. As of now I'm enrolled for CPA Australia Professional Program Certification, so I'm just wondering if there are courses/study that i could do in order to qualify either (BAS or TAX) in short period of time. Thank you so much
  3. Raymund

    Visa Validation - First Entry

    Thanks everyone, you guys are very helpful. I think we are good. All the best to everyone.
  4. Raymund

    Visa Validation - First Entry

    I'm not sure if anyone had started a post about Visa Validation at First Entry. As stated on our my Visa grant, MUST MAKE FIRST ENTRY TO AUSTRALIA BEFORE : 07 OCT 2015. We made our first entry last MAY 2015 for about 10 days and return to my originating country until now. (overseas) Trying to settle my work contract, properties and personal stuff before moving permanently to Australia this coming 1st quarter of 2016. (plan move date) I would like to know HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THAT OUR VISA IS ACTIVATED THROUGH OUR FIRST ENTRY? I checked the VEVO system expecting any changes to our information but unfortunately I couldn't remember what it was before our first entry. Our information looks like this: Family name XXX Given name(s) XXX Visa description RESIDENT Passport / ImmiCard number XXX Visa class / subclass SI / 189 Visa applicant Primary Visa grant date XX November 20xx Visa expiry date XX November 20xx Location Offshore Visa status In Effect Entries allowed Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa Must not arrive after 25 November 20xx Enter before date 07 October 2015 Period of stay Indefinite Visa type Permanent resident I'm expecting a much specific information like: Landed May 2015 or something like that. I'm bit concern about the ENTER BEFORE DATE 07 OCT 2015. I don't want to loose the opportunity just because of incorrect understanding of those dates/information. Thanks Raymund
  5. Hi ilma, thanks for following up my case. I'm only claiming for 5 years experience and accordingly I was granted a visa successfully together with 2 dependents (wife and daughter) I would like to highlight the comment/advice from SOMV below as this became one of the basis of my decision to go ahead with our application together with this post from the Australian Government Migration Blog http://migrationblog.immi.gov.au/2012/12/14/skills-assessments%e2%80%94helping-you-fit-into-the-australian-labour-market/ especially the responses on Dec 17 and Dec 20 by the DIBP Officer as follows: Quoted on Dec 20 2012: Any claimed skilled employment will need to be demonstrated at the required skill level. For example, if the claims made by an applicant include periods of skilled employment as an accountant then the case officer is to be satisfied the applicant undertook their work at the appropriate skill level and not for example, as a book keeper which is a an occupation of a lower skill level. From SOMV Aug 1 2014: " From the details you have provided I would be arguing that you have been working at a "skilled" level since 2004. Arguably, possibly also since 2001, but it doesn't matter, 2004 is fine. You need to provide excellent, detailed references about the nature of your work since 2001, but particularly 2004. Make sure that you carefully read the ANZSCO description for accountants and address all of the points in that definition, to ensure that it is clear to the case officer that you are and have been a skilled accountant for at least 8 years. " If you read them both, as long you can satisfy the level of experience as an accountant plus excellent and detailed references about the nature of your work experiences. In my opinion you can claim the number of years you are seeking for and please note as well that the decision rest with DIBP officer. My profile at the time of application: Age - 32 years old, Bachelors Degree with 5 years experience as an Accountant in managerial position (8 years as of now) Thank you so much.
  6. Hi everyone, thank you for taking time to read and reply to my question. I really appreciate your help. I'm from the Philippines completed my Bachelors Degree in Accountancy in 2001, from 2001-2004 work full time as accounting staff. Year 2004 I passed the CPA Board exam, Philippines. from 2004-2006 work full time as Quality Assurance. Year 2006 I landed a job overseas as an Accounting Manager until this date. To supplement my professional education, I passed 2 additional certifications (audit related on year 2010, IFRS certification on Dec 2013) Recently this year, an interest to move to Australia came about and decided to submit an education assessment to CPA Australia. First assessment result is negative due to failure to get an exemption for Accounting Theory, result is 11/12 subjects completed. I requested for a second review. 2nd assessment result is positive however according to statement, they included the IFRS certification that I completed Dec 2013 in order for me to received the exemption for accounting theory. 12/12 subjects completed. CPA Australia proceeds with my work experience assessment? According to the result of my work experience: (summary only) The work claims for skill employment equate to work at appropriately skilled level from Dec 2013 to date as accounting manager The work claims for skill employment cannot be equate to work at appropriately skilled level from 2006 to Dec 2013 as accounting manager due to it was undertaken before meeting the requirements. It was verified that I meet the requirement as result of my recent qualification on Dec 2013. This assessment does not guaranty awarding of any points, determination of points is still under DIBP. Is work experience assessment by CPA Australia would matter with the DIBP decisions.
  7. To give you more detail about my case, I'm a license CPA and completed my Bachelors degree in Accountancy from my country 2004 and 2001 respectively. And works as accounting manager overseas from 2006 until now. Recently I got negative assessment from CPA Australia with regards to accounting theory. I did my best to claim the exemption from accounting theory but no luck at first attempt. I made a second attempt to dispute. I received a positive assessment this time but they included my other certification that I just finish last December 2013 in order to get an exemption. So basically I got 12/12 from all the subjects. 2nd phase it for work assessment. They only recognized that I'm "skilled" in work experience from Dec 2013 to date on the same capacity. For what they explained to me, they can only recognized work experience after i got the exemption from accounting theory which on Dec 2013 onward. My question is on the side of migration officer, are they also consider the same decision with CPA Australia.
  8. I got positive assessment from CPA Australia but they need to include the IFRS/ACCA certification that I completed December of 2013 to get an exemption for accounting theory. So basically I passed all the core and mandatory subjects (12/12). I have 8 years work experience overseas as an accountant (in managerial positions) but on CPA Australia work experience assessment they only recognized from December 2013. I fall short of points if immigration will consider the CPA work experience assessment. I did not hesitate to go on with my EOI using the full 8 year experience as I read on some blogs that work experience assessment is not mandatory. I submitted my EOI for 189 (65points) and 190 (70points) last Thursday and claimed the 8 years work experience and received the invitation Sunday for 189. I’m happy to received the invitation so quick but then becomes worried for my work experience claim due to assessment result of CPA Australia. Before applying for visa, I really want to make sure if I claim my work experience right and I can get the points needed. I am aware that the visa fee is non-refundable and I do not want to pay for US6,000+ (wife & daughter included) for something that I’m not sure and will have a record with immigration that I did not state the correct information. Any help? Thank you in advance
  9. Hi elderberry, I would like to get an update about your case, currently I have the same scenario with you. Did you able to get through? Really confused about the work experience assessment. Regards, Raymund