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  1. ChrisJD

    Applying for a partner visa twice

    That was exactly my concern, so I’m thinking of heading down the employer visa first which will allow me to stay temporarily for 2-4 years. She wouldn’t share what she sent, but I assume it is as you said.
  2. ChrisJD

    Applying for a partner visa twice

    No of course not, we both agreed that we’d carry on until I got my visa so neither of us are in the right here. I was just hoping to understand what my options might be now. Do I too message them telling them of this breakdown? I don’t know what timeframe she put on it, I wouldn’t imagine she’d have mentioned it was recent to avoid looking bad
  3. ChrisJD

    Applying for a partner visa twice

    I’m planning to, only just found out tonight. But is that a possibility? Applying for another partner visa or does that not look good? I’m gonna try for work sponsored visa also
  4. Hi guys So got an interesting case here. I applied for a partner visa with my now ex partner in 2018 and got granted my TR in 2018 and applied for my PR in 2020. Our relationship broke down in that time but we never withdrew the application. My ex partner has now decided to submit a breakdown of relationship so my chances of getting PR granted are slim to none. Is it possible to withdraw this application and apply with my new partner? Or are there restrictions etc in place? Otherwise what would be my options?
  5. ChrisJD

    Evisitor 651 re entry question

    Okay so basically if I entered initially in January, stay for 2 months, left for a week holiday and then came back, my visitor visa would last until June?
  6. ChrisJD

    Evisitor 651 re entry question

    Hey guys I just have a quick question with regards to the 651 tourist visa. I understand that when you enter with this visa you can stay for up to 3 months at a time. But if I left say after 2 months, went for a short trip to NZ, and then re entered, would it be valid for a further 3 months from when I re enter? Or would it be valid 3 months from initial entry? Thanks
  7. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    I don't suppose you know any? I am concerned now that some of the evidence may seem like it was just rushed before the application, and I don't want that to negatively affect our chances.
  8. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    I see where you're coming from, and when actually thinking about it you are right. From immigration's view, a lot of the evidence (especially the financial side with bills etc) will only happen once I return on my tourist visa. So when I apply, some of it will only be 3 months old, which wouldn't look very strong. One thing I considered a few months ago was to first go back on a student visa and study for a year. Now I'm thinking that I may go back to that plan. It just seems that that would put us in the same situation as if I went back on a tourist visa, but we'd have a lot more time to accumulate bills and joint statements and possibly even a joint lease. Would this seem like a reasonable idea to you? To me it's only a few extra thousand dollars, which in the long run may actually help us.
  9. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    She hasn't, but I was concerned with the fact I would be in Australia on a 3 month Tourist Visa. So I don't know how willing an agency would be to put me on a lease when I could simply leave in 3 months.
  10. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    The relationship was registered last December. And we were together for a year in Australia, and we've been apart for around 8 months now. I understand that evidence needs to be provided for at least 1 year prior to application, we will essentially have 2 years worth of different evidence when applying. Anything else we could use?
  11. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    Okay, so evidence wise, this is what we have so far: Pictures of us together in social situations/in general as a couple Various letters wrote back and forth to each other. Both in Aus and when apart. Screenshots showing continuous conversation when separated Tickets from events attended together Hotel bookings Flights took together to Melbourne Plane ticket from when I came to visit at the end of last year Letter from super funds showing each other as beneficiary Certificate of relationship registration Obviously once I arrive back, we will have bills and banks statements being sent to the same address for both of us. And possibly a joint bank account set up to pay for shared expenses while living together. I mean I don't know if I have missed anything? I'm sure there may be stuffed I have forgot about.
  12. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    Apologies, for some reason I posted with the assumption that others knew my situation! Yes we do. We met while I was on a WHV and we've been together nearly 2 years now, so evidence for the rest of the de facto visa are pretty much met. I was just concerned with the financial aspect because we haven't actually lived together previously and only plan to do so once I return. Basically, I wanted to know what can be used as financial evidence to support the onshore de facto visa.
  13. ChrisJD

    Financial Evidence

    Hey guys So I am in the process of returning to Australia to be with my partner. After reviewing the evidence we have, the only thing I am concerned about is the financial aspect. I will be returning on a 3 month Tourist Visa so, as far as I'm aware, I cannot co-sign a lease with my partner to provide this as evidence. Would we be able to put joint names on bills? We will be opening a joint bank account, and then have both our individual accounts registered to the same address. So I was just wondering if utility bills and bank statements would be enough financial evidence? If not, what else could we possibly use? Thanks
  14. ChrisJD

    Which Visa? 600 or 651

    Hey guys, I've got a bit of an odd situation. So I am currently on the second year of working holiday 417 visa, and I have just left Australia to travel home for a couple of months. I will return to Australia on November 1st and my WHV expires on November 10th. Now I want to extend my visa and stay until mid December (not working), and I am unsure which visa to apply for. As the 651 visa is free, and the 600 costs around $300. Would both of them continue on after my WHV ends? Thanks
  15. ChrisJD

    Recruitment Agencies Sydney

    Hey guys, I've just got back to Sydney and I'm looking to settle in to a role for the next few months. I was ideally looking for some temporary office work (I have a few relevant business qualifications from back in the UK), and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with some good recruitment agencies for this sort of thing. Or is it just worth going to a few of the well-reviewed agencies and going from there? Thanks a lot, Chris