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  1. I just spoke to king o malleys on phone and they said that they not even open that early tomorrow... So now I think by the sounds of it it's between civic pub and Dickson tradies, is civic pub kid friendly? As is a little more central if not I guess Dickson is also ok! P.s this my first world cup a way from home so also keen to get all fans under 1 roof for that homely feel!
  2. Mathix

    World Cup Thread all discussion here.

    I wouldn't be so sure..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2655618/FIFA-delegates-grant-Sepp-Blatter-job-life-78-year-old-president-set-fifth-term.html oh and btw England are bringing it home this year :-p
  3. Hi guys Sorry I have been offline for a while, I ended up getting sucked in with busy schedule at work, and busy saving for a flight home in July. But now with the excitement of the world cup around the corner i remembered this post i started and wanted to see if there were many ideas floating around, and it looks like there has been! Hellenic Club in Woden i personally spoke to and he said he's more than happy to screen any games we wish ( I initially asked for Premier league but he also said world cup matches are fine also and even offered to give me a tour of the venue to see if i thought it suitable, so sounds pretty promising! :-) however looking here it seems that king o malleys may have a bit of a thing going down for the Italy game? ...if there'll be some red n white going I might just have to pop in for a few!! :-) would be great if someone could confirm that this is happening please?
  4. Mathix

    Finally arrived in ACT

    Welcome to Canberra! it is a great place to live once you work your way around, much like anywhere, but yes I think if you are used to the convenience of town/city life back home then it is very different here. You can live without a car, depending on your suburb but you would certainly need to be living pretty central or in a major suburb at least, and the closer to your work the better as commuting at least half hour drive I believe is seen as pretty common here so walking or cycling is not always in your best interest. Public transport is not the best but the good thing is if you know someone that owns a car, as long as they have rego (registration) which i guess is works similarly to our tax discs back home, then anyone can drive the vehicle as long as you hold a full drivers license, which makes car sharing a very easy and affordable solution. (make sure you carry license with you at all times if it is UK)
  5. CommanderMaxil this is also the first major tournament I will be missing, that's what triggered me to initially start this thread, I can imagine (I hope anyway) that the World Cup will be more widely aired in the bars than EPL at least so when the world cup is on we hopefully shouldn't have to much trouble organising someone if we gather a good number of us :-) Sunniecat do you still watch the games at Calwell club, or are you saying you don't really anymore now that you have fox set up? ABL yes I think i have found that thread so watching a few games with the scouser games could be a good way to start this and meet other EPL fans, and get familiar with the sports bars in Canberra
  6. Mathix

    Liverpool ** fan clubs/meeting places in Canberra

    Haha maybe not a good game to watch for me.. but it will still be good to come and sink a couple over the game all the same! :-) the fixtures look good Liverpool have some big games coming up (palace mainly lol) you've got Man city n Chelsea which i think would be great to watch plus a few others I would like to see if there is anyone else going, do you guys watch every game together or do you just go to certain ones?
  7. Wow thanks for all the replies :-) It seems there is a lot of interest in watching the games in a pub after all , as I have not been here long I'm not sure at this time if there is a bar that is actually open in Canberra at the times we will need, to be honest have never even been to any bars here lol, but maybe if anyone can find the name of this scouser owned bar in Kingston it could be a good place to start? I am currently based in Chifley (Woden) but I am willing to travel anywhere in Canberra to watch some games if at all possible, if anyone has any ideas? we should really get this organised. I am going to do a little research of my own and I will post here with any findings, any one else with any ideas or input is very welcome to also make suggestions here Thanks all, I'm glad I'm not alone :-)
  8. Mathix

    Liverpool ** fan clubs/meeting places in Canberra

    Hi all this thread has just caught my eye, I did just start a similar thread before I saw this one. I am not a Liverpool fan as such (Palace 'till i die, i'm afraid lol) but I do like to watch all the English teams play as much as I can (kind of reminds me of home a bit i guess) .....admittedly though I did support Liverpool during their recent tour to Australia last year as I see that they are doing a lot internationally to represent English Football which I like a lot! :-) I'm not sure if you guys have managed to organize a bar or anything to watch some games? but if you have I would definitely be interested in adding to your numbers and watch a few games with you all if I am welcome? ....maybe as an honoury supporter or something :-P
  9. Hi all I am very happy to have found these forums, I recently came to Australia from the UK on a working holiday Visa, and have done a bit of travelling around Aus for the past year but I am now intending to stay in Canberra as my brother has been living here for the past 7 years and I would like to stay close to him now if possible. My main problem is I don't really know anyone in Canberra and any friends from home that are in Aus remain up in the Manly/Sydney region. So the thing I miss the most is being able to watch the game over a beer with good people. Unfortunately I don't have Foxtel or anything so currently my only known way to watch the game is by keeping up to date with recordings from back home of programs such as 'Match Of the Day'. I am a Palace fan but I am definitely happy watching any games, I find it is just nice to keep up to date by watching a game or 2 each week, so now i was wondering if anyone knew of any bars in Canberra that show EPL or anything, and if so where could I find them please? I was also wondering if there were any meetup groups or anything similar that you could point me towards? maybe more specifically for football fans (Soccer, Otherwise watching England play in the world cup this year is going to be unusually quiet lol, which is fine but if there are others around I would like to hopefully get involved.....Admittedly we may not last very long but it would still be nice to feel united with some other fans during the event without having to travel up to Sydney! Thanks in advance for any information, much appreciated! :-) Matt