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    Help: Valuer - 186 or 189?

    Hi guys, i'm currently on bridging visa (waiting for my 485) and working as an assistant property valuer in a local firm. I wonder which is the best option to get PR? 186 or 189? i worked as partime assistant valuer (20 hours per week) since feb till Sept and just started as fulltimer recently. http://www.immi.gov.au/asri/occupations/v/valuer.htm Btw, do anyone know is valuer needed to get registration before applying PR? Hope someone will help me. My personal details: 23 years old this year. 6.5 over ielts i took master of property valuation in Australia. Worked as part time assistant valuer from feb to Sept. working as full time assistant valuer now.
  2. ahkuzai

    Help: Valuer - 186 or 189?

    Thanks Wrussell, i added my details on the first post.
  3. ahkuzai

    Help: Valuer - 186 or 189?

    Hi Blossom79, i don't have the three years experience. So i'm not qualify for 186? Is the 8 months part time been considered?
  4. ahkuzai

    Help: Valuer - 186 or 189?

    Hi Rupert, for the 186 do i need to work for the employer for certain times in order to apply? The annoying part now is i don't know whether or not i needed to get registered to qualify for applying PR.