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    Will my new Sony Bravia LED work in the UK? am moving back

    thanks so much all for your replies. much appreciated.
  2. Hi, Am moving back to the UK so selling my beloved car. It's only 2.5 years old and is still under manufacturers warranty and has a 7 month rego on it. In top condition with full service history and new tyres, brakes etc. I've spent a good bit on money on the upkeep of this car as was planning to keep it - until I made this sudden decision to move back. One lady owner - no pets or kids. $18,700 (*will consider reasonable offers) Inspections welcome. I live in surry hills and the car is kept in a secure garage. details and pictures here: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-Corolla-2010/SSE-AD-2434173/?Cr=0&sdmvc=1 Note to self - never name your car, feels like you're selling your pet!
  3. ruchira10

    Shipping alcohol to the UK

    thanks Rhian1
  4. ruchira10

    Will my new Sony Bravia LED work in the UK? am moving back

    Thanks all for your replies. Much appreciated. I tend to use my TV mostly through Apple TV and purchased content. So sounds like the set top box would be a bonus to help me tune into UK local tv. I love the TV so even if it's just a monitor - works for me :-)
  5. ruchira10

    Shipping alcohol to the UK

    there was a seriously hefty price tag on bringing alcohol into Australia. I am now moving back to the UK and want to take back some of the great wines I have collected from across Oz. does anyone have any experience of the $$ it will attract in the UK? thanks
  6. Hi I love my TV and would prefer to ship it back as I spent a fortune on the 55" HX750 Sony Bravia. It's about 18 months old. Someone told me today that Australian TVs do not work in the UK so would love to know if anyone has had that experience - even with the newer model of televisions. this is the model that I have. http://www.sony.com.au/product/kdl-55hx750/sku/kdl-55hx750+au5 thanks