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    Hi I'm at a point where I am not sure if I want to continue as an accountant, I have the qualifications but my heart isnt in it, I lost my baby brother last year and since I have felt like there's something missing I've tried marathons for charity, climbed mountains, feel like I've been to the moon and back to find something that makes me happier... I realised life is too short and to do the things that make you happy, this crappy office with the same crap everyday just aint helping! I only rent I have no husband, a job I can quit with a 1 month notice and I am 22... this is the only time in my life I can up and go... I'm petrified as there is so much to organise but i want to do a working visa in Australia, I don't care where, I don't care what work, I will do anything. I have a few mates to fall back on there, I have given my self a target to have gone by next May (2014) but if any one is in the same sort of situation or can help suggest a good place to start I would be really grateful.