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  1. vulcman

    ajusting to working in the heat.

    hi guys no not there yet as the company messed my dates up. I now have my flights booked for the 17th june. so once I get out there ill do a better update on working in the heat. really looking forward to it now.
  2. vulcman

    ajusting to working in the heat.

    yeah I will mate. fingers crossed it all goes well. cheers
  3. vulcman

    ajusting to working in the heat.

    thanks scrumpy. yeah I had a good look at the temps too thanks bobj. really helpful.
  4. vulcman

    ajusting to working in the heat.

    hi scrumpy, I am a conveyor belt splicer. so just applied in the uk and had all the skills tests and medicals then was offered a contract with fenner Dunlop on a fifo rota.
  5. hi, im moving to perth at the end of next month and will be working in the mines 12 & 9. my only concern is working is the heat for 12 hour days. dose anyone have any advice on this please? thanks
  6. vulcman

    Banking options??

    Thanks for the comments. I have had a look at the commonwealth but it says I should open a London account first. but I don't have any big amount of funds to transfer to aus anyway. should I just open the Australian one and transfer what I have straight into the new account??? thanks
  7. vulcman

    457 processing times

    hi, I just received mine today it took 5weeks, and I had a few convictions on my police check. ( nothing major )
  8. vulcman

    Banking options??

    Hi, I have just been accepted for my 457 visa.:biggrin: And I am not really sure as to what banking company I should be looking at going with. dose anyone have any personal recommendation please? thanks