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  1. freaks74

    VIC State Sponsorship Query

    Hi all I have a bit of query... We are just about to do our IELTS, other than that have everything ready to go, pending getting the right IELTS results (everything crossed) we are going to apply for a 190 with Victoria, we don't want to go anywhere else as my brother and his family live in VIC and my other half is a Cabinet Maker with over 15 years experience which is on their skills list. We are using an agent and I am a bit confused about whether we should apply for state sponsorship with VIC first and then submit EOI or submit EOI and tick VIC for state sponsorship. I have heard that VIC are quite picky so can anyway advise the best way forward, our agent has said that there doesn't appear to be any preference from VIC either way but I as we don't want to go with any other state I want to make sure we get it right. If anyone else has any tips about info to provide to VIC for state sponsorship or guidance I would really appreciate it. Thanks Anna
  2. freaks74

    Calling All Soon 2 Be Expat Carpenters!!!! :D

    No worries - Dan felt exactly the same, I am more worried about the IELTS :confused:
  3. freaks74

    Calling All Soon 2 Be Expat Carpenters!!!! :D

    Hi Sarah My OH is a cabinet maker but did his technical assessment a couple of weeks ago, relatively similar trades. Dan said they don't try to catch you out, they really are nice and friendly and seem to be genuine. Dan's assessment took 45 minutes and that included the assessor asking him about where he wants live in Oz etc, he has been a cabinet maker for over 15 years and I think that if you have long term experience they just want to check that you know what you are on about and that all the paper documents you submitted were showing a true representation of your skills. The assessor worked through the vetassess fact sheet asking work related questions to each of the modules so all I would say is make sure you have had a good read through the fact sheet and refresh yourself with the documents you sent off for the initial paper assessment. I am sure he will be fine, good luck Anna
  4. freaks74

    Vetassess Technical Interview

    Hi all just have a quick query... OH has just completed his technical assessment, was told 10 days for results which is up now. Having read through some threads on here it appears that some peoples online results have been updated, unfortunately we have gone through an agent so I've chased the agent up, they have checked and results say successful. Is this quite normal to have the online results updated but to have not heard anything else from vetassess? Do we now just have to wait for an email from vetassess? What exactly do we get from this document wise? OH is a cabinet maker. Thanks anna
  5. freaks74

    190 Visa July lodge Gang!

    Hi my partner and I are currently going through the process we've just had the skills assessment results are waiting for English test results and then hopefully EOI and through that process... My OH is a cabinet maker and that is on the state list for Victoria which is where we want to live but not on the main skills list so we have to go down the 190 route, I noticed that earlier in the thread someone mentioned having to prove savings and having a 12 months work contract. This isn't something I have heard of previously, I've looked on the VIC. Website and there doesn't seem to be any reference to this, is it just particular states that require this? What exactly do they mean by 12 month work contract? Also similar to Sassy14 query is it best to get state sponsorship before EOI??? Thanks for the help Anna
  6. freaks74

    Thinking about taking a leap to emigrate!!

    Hi there, myself and my partner are just going through the process at the moment, he is a cabinet maker and he has his technical interview on Tuesday. Any advice for that would be great. The reason for my post - we have used Go Matilda so far and I can really recommend, I have found them to be really helpful and they have pointed out things and we have provided paperwork that I wouldn't have considered without their advice or maybe wouldn't have provided quite that detail on some aspects etc so I would say that they take away a bit of the fear and I think their fee for help in that process is really reasonable. Happy to help with any queries you might have although we are just in the process ourselves Anna:wink:
  7. freaks74


    Hi all Just about to book for our IELTS can anyone recommend good practice guides or papers to order/download there seems to be so much information out there? Thanks Anna
  8. freaks74

    Buying a car in Melbourne help

    My brother used sales for BMW in Waverley
  9. freaks74

    Visa update vic

    Names: Anna and Dan Visa Type: 190 How far into process: waiting for skills assessment Job: Dan - Cabinetmaker Where ya heading? Mornington area
  10. freaks74

    TRA Reference Help

    Hi there I'm struggling with putting together OH reference for TRA. He is a cabinet maker and has worked for the same firm for 15 years which actually makes things quite difficult as he completely takes for-granted the work that he does! Our migration agent has said that we need to add more to his reference for TRA but I'm struggling I wondered if anyone had one that I could look at or some examples. Our migration agent has given us some example but they are for different occupations so not overly helpful other than for formatting. I would be really grateful for any assistance thanks anna
  11. freaks74

    Proof of employment HELPPPPP!!!

    Thank you so much both Anna
  12. freaks74

    Confused - Help Required

    Hi all I'm really confused started this process a few months back to get my OH skill assessment as a cabinet maker to go state sponsored through Victoria. I wasn't sure who conducted the skills assessment so emailed vetassess they said it was them and all on their website it says they carry out the assessment. I've just emailed them a question before submitting all our paperwork and they've just replied saying that they don't do a skills assessment for a cabinetmaker we need to go through TRA? Can anyone else who did you go through totally confused as have an email from vetassess three months earlier stating to go through them??? Many thanks Anna
  13. freaks74

    Proof of employment HELPPPPP!!!

    Hi all Waiting to submit VETASSESS for a cabinetmaker... My OH has been employed with the same employer since 1999 and since he completed his qualification - so over 15 years skilled however he works for a relatively small local business and they do not give payslips. So we are struggling to come up with some employment proof. He has a couple of P60s but mainly last couple of years and has no others, bank statement can only go back max 6 years. We have reference from his boss and supervisor which are signed to state his length of employment but that is it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we might some form of record that would go back further. I saw on a forum that someone got their records from HMRC for National Insurance but I am not sure where on their website to request this? Any help would be fantastic as we are ready to go..... Anna :wink:
  14. freaks74

    TRA Help

    Hi We are trying to get a cabinet maker skills assessment for Victoria sponsorship everything I read says that we have to via TRA to get the skill assessed but the TRA website is quite painful can anyone give any advice? Cheers Anna
  15. freaks74

    Cabinet maker/kitchen installer 457 help

    Hi We are just about to go through the same process very similar situation as my brother lives out in Oz... We have been advised to go through state sponsorship as cabinet maker is on the skills list for Victoria, if you don't want to be in Victoria then that I guess that doesn't really help you... Let me know how you get on if you don't mind as we are just about to start the process Cheers Anna