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  1. Hi everyone, We have been here for a few months. We left our 2 dogs in the UK one was 14 and died a few weeks ago. We are heart broken. The other dog is being looked after by a friend she's a Llaso Apso - anyone got any advice on best company to get her here? Also I have heard horror stories about smaller dogs not coping with the journey? Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks - missing my fur baby X
  2. Thanks so much to Pat and Bob for arranging the ex pat meet up at North Lakes yesterday! It was so lovely to meet everyone and have people who understand some of the challenges! Hope to see you all again really soon. Thanks - Lisa
  3. Hi everyone, I have forgotten the date of the North Lakes ex pat meet up. Is it the 17th September @ Aurora park? We have been here almost 2 months. Husband still struggling re getting an Electrician TA job. However, he's working and I have a teaching contract and a tutoring job too! Any other families fairly new here???
  4. Birch4

    Renting process in brisbane

    Hi there, you would need proof of income or bank account details to prove you can pay the rental period you sign up for. Also usually your Australian Drivers Licence, bank account and Medicare card. One of the first things you should do when you arrive is get you ozzy licence and Medicare card sorted. Other stuff they might need is passport and copy of visa. They also require some references. We have been in our property almost a month now and signed a 6 month lease. It's a 4 bed typical ozzy home in North Lakes. There was no drama with this as long as you have the documents they require.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been here in North Lakes for around one month. I am a Secondary Teacher and I am constantly being asked to submit all documents and have them verified despite the fact I now have my QTC Registration. If you are coming here as a teacher I would advise you to get that done as soon as possible as it does take 12 weeks! I have some work tutoring kids in foster care starting this week - just a few hours a week. I have another interview with an agency tomorrow and despite having filled all paperwork and having everything verified by JP and scanning this and sending it I have to take everything again to be checked. I have registered with TRACER and then it is 10 days for them to process and start work - that is when you then get your employment number with them. Apparently there is a lot of contract/supply work around but might need to do the commute or travel over an hour or more for work. The commute to Brisbane which my husband is doing everyday is a nightmare! He leaves at 5am. He is an Electrician but does not have his Queensland Licence and he is struggling to find a company who will take him on as a Trade assistant so that he can work towards this - we won't be giving up though. The TAFE college no longer deal with the Electrical licence here. We called and visited. This post is not intended to be negative but realistic and honest. We have been out cycling everyday almost and the weekends we have been to beautiful beaches and wonderful places. It is NOT easy getting starting and established though IMO - I never came with rose tinted glasses but some days have been a bit harder than I had thought :wacko: Other days we have wonderful experiences and I feel so lucky to have this experience regardless of what happens longer term :wink: The Sunshine Coast is stunning and have loved travelling to different places. We have also been to the Gold Coast too. Our son has been at school for just over a week and he is really enjoying it and he has made friends. My husband and son have been chatting to people locally via playing football on a Sunday at local park area. I am really sociable however, I haven't met anyone yet probably because everyone seems to be already in groups when we go to the parks etc. I maybe need to join a local group or something soon. Although it will depend on work. I am surprised how dark it gets so early. Anyway just a wee insight so far. Feel free to ask any questions and I will help if I can :-) :notworthy: Overall, no regrets and things I worried about before we came are not really worries. Things we hadn't planned for we deal with as and when they arise! And they do!
  6. Hi Pat, that would be great! We will defo come along to the meet up in September. We have done most of what you have suggested. Our Medicare cards came this week to my cousins and we have sorted the driving licenses and tax code I think my husband was dealing with that part. Moving to North Lakes tomorrow so I'll be in touch. We are not going to be far from that primary school I think. We are a five minute walk from the rugby playing fields with the bbq area at the back - if my memory serves me correctly - thanks! Lisa
  7. Birch4

    Electrician help!!

    Hi bobboe2016 - we didn't realise this and we have family in NZ and will look into this - thanks
  8. Birch4

    Electrician help!!

    Hi yes - he is going to try and get some labouring work to start with we have been sending out job applications left, right and centre but once we move to North Lakes he is going to try and do as you suggested and see if someone will take him on to get a foot in the door so to speak. Thanks! Lisa
  9. Birch4

    Electrician help!!

    Hi AJ Thanks - he has just contacted them but he needs a jobs first and then they will issue a permit
  10. Birch4

    Electrician help!!

    Hi Pat We are moving to North Lakes on Friday would we be able to hook up and chat? please? we are going round in circles here quite literally! I am still waiting for my Queensland Teacher Registration to come trough - that should be in another few weeks. Lots of proving self over and over again. I thought the visa and the IELTS was the hard part..... wrong!!!!!! Thanks Lisa
  11. hi there are there any more meet ups planned? We are a family of 3 moving to North lakes later this week. We have only been in Australia for a few weeks. Thanks
  12. Hiya, my husband and son and I have been here for only a few weeks and would be happy to catch up meet up? Share experiences. Or indeed hear your views as you have been here longer than us. Let me know. Cheers
  13. Birch4

    Electrician help!!

    Hi there, we are a family of 3 recently moved to Sunshine Coast. Staying with family at the moment. Moving to North Lakes soon. My husband is an electrician and finding it difficult to find out where he can go to sit electrical license? Jobs are slow!! Applied for loads even as labourer and no one is biting. Are there any ex pat electricians who could offer some advice to us? Either here or face to face? Another wee question does anyone know if any ex pay meet ups are planned in Brisbane? Many thanks in advance!
  14. Birch4

    Travelling to Australia in 2016 JOIN HERE

    We are a family of 3 arriving in July 2016! Starting off in Sunny Coast as my cousin is there. Where we settle will depend on work. Hope there is a wee meet up we can come to? X
  15. Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted. We now have our 189 Skilled Migrant Visa and we are heading initially to the Sunshine Coast in July. I have been applying for Secondary Teaching jobs although my Queensland Teacher Registration is still in process. Has anyone had a telephone interview with SMART teachers? I have prepared some information on skills, qualities and experiences however, I am not sure what they will ask. Has anyone got any experience of this??:chatterbox: I guess the main thing for me will be to not talk fast and make sure they can understand me :yes: TIA