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    Guidance re Schools !

    Hello All We are hopefully moving to Perth around June 2022, hubby's job via a 482 visa. My main area of worry is schools, my daughter is currently in Year 6 at Primary School so would be due to start secondary school here in the UK Sept 2022. We have already applied back in October 2021 for her school place as we didn't know the final decision re Aus at that point. How does the school year run, is it via the local authority for school admissions here, how did people go about choosing schools without having any knowledge about them ! I also would need to sort a primary school place for my son who is in Year 3 at Primary School ?! I am sooooooooo confused ready to start gathering my info for this ! Any help or advice would be greatly received, THANK YOU !! :-)
  2. Hello everyone I have just joined the forum today, after a few years of 'light' discussion with my husband about emigrating we decided last night to try and give it a go - eeekkk ! I'm 31 and although i am not currently working i have been a Project Coordinator and Recruitment Consultant for the last ten years. I think from first glance that i may be able to get the Visa as the main applicant. My husband is an NDT inspector and generally works off shore, although his job is not on the skills list we do believe there are many job vacancies for his profession available. We have a 2.5 yr daughter and i'm six months pregnant with a baby boy. We have come to the decision that we are wanting a better standard of life for the children and although we are aware its probably more expensive to live over there etc however the climate and outdoor lifestyle is what we are wanting to achieve. Now we have made the decision, now what.......?! Do we use the services of migration advisor so they can handle all the paperwork and queries etc? What is the approx. timescale from visa application to them being (fingers crossed) granted? If i get the visa on my skills do i have to get a job doing that? Can my husband work? How do you go about organising a rental property from the UK? Thanks in advance for any replies i may get. The web has a huge amount of info available but i don't really know where to start? Thanks, Melissa :biggrin: